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Mathieu ValatMathieu Valat

Al├Ęs, France

Mathieu Valat is a key part of the MFMP. He carries out his experiments in his own lab in France. He is in close connection with Francesco Celani from the National Institute of Nuclear Study in Frescati, Italy.

He is running serval experiment in his lab, starting with Celani original replications and Mizuno wet plasma electrolysis that he successfully set-up in a pressurised vessel.

He is in close relationship with Jean-Paul Biberian who is a retired and famous "coldfusionner".

Team Members

Mathieu Valat

Jean-Paul Biberian

Current Experiments

Celani replication V1.4

Retired Experiments

Celani replication V1.0, V1.1, V1.2, V1.3 and V2.0.

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