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Amount $10.00

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Name Amount ($)
Wouter Keller 3,000.00
Bobcat Sweden 3,000.00
Dana Seccombe 2,500.00
Robert McKay 2,000.00
John Oman 1,500.00
Donald Martin 1,500.00
Sam Hall 1,000.00
Jed Rothwell 1,000.00
Tomas Andersson 1,000.00
Giorgio Vassallo 1,000.00

You can be a part of making this happen

First off, if you have a few moments, please post about the project to your favourite social media channels by clicking on the links at the top of the page - this alone will help spread the word!

Several of the facilitating team took unpaid time away from their other work and went to sizeable personal expense to witness the incredible research that is being widely ignored by the world. We were so inspired by the tireless efforts of the amazing minds working on the New Fire, that we felt there must be something we could do to make it happen.

Since then, we have been working hard at our own expense to galvanise support to ensure that this technology is recognised by the wider world and we need your help to accelerate that endeavour. See our growing costs 

Please consider helping us, we will be running a social funding exercise in the near future in order to raise the bulk of the funds for the replication effort, in the meantime, we want to build great support materials to ensure that the MFMP is a success. If you want this as much as we do, please consider being a primary donor.

Thanks in advance

The Facilitators