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MFMP Intro

Written by Ryan Hunt on .

For a few brief weeks in 1989, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons’ announcement of Cold Fusion captivated the world like no other scientific breakthrough before or since has ever done.  

The promise of a clean, non-polluting energy source that could change the world erupted into the global consciousness.

Unfortunately, though, the effect was not as easy to replicate as it appeared, and replication is the key to science.  Within a few short months, three prestigious labs tried and failed, which has ever since relegated the whole concept of cold fusion to “junk science” to most people.  Almost all funding for the topic dried up and people who worked on it even risked ridicule and damage to their careers.

Not everybody gave up easy, though.  For the last 23 years, small groups of intrepid researchers around the world have been slowly building on Martin Fleischmann’s work.  This last August, just weeks after Martin Fleischmann died, an Italian physicist named Francesco Celani demonstrated a breakthrough experiment at two international conferences.  

Celani's experiment was simple to understand, transparent to look at, and seemed to clearly showed up to 40% more energy out of it than he put into it over a period of many days.

Many of us attending these conferences were absolutely convinced that this breakthrough had to be replicated and brought to the world’s attention.  
...And the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project was born!

The potential of this technology, which we are dubbing “The New Fire”,  to improve the way we live is just too important not to work towards.  We registered QuantumHeat.org, set up a place to share documents, and started crafting 3D CAD models of a replica reactor.

Our goal is to facilitate the wide-spread replication and publication of New Fire experiments, such as Francesco Celani's, at reputable research institutions around the world.  Once proven, research funds and private capital will flow into the field and result in some amazing, life saving, and life improving products.

To do this we need your help.

  • We need to raise the money to develop and distribute copies of this apparatus to ten research institutions around the world.  Donate here.
  • We will be setting up a Crowd-sourcing initiative soon.  It will be listed right here and elsewhere when we do.  The idea of a global, grass roots effort overcoming the institutional biases and bringing this to the attention of mainstream science and industry is so cool.  Of course, a visionary philanthropist who recognizes the potential of this and funds the whole historic initiative also makes a good story.
  • We need to get the word out that this project exists:  Check out our web page, Like us on facebook, tell your friends
  • Follow our progress on our Progress Blog where we will share day by day the achievements, the setbacks, and the data.
  • Contribute to the engineering by posting suggestions and comments.  Contribute to the science by adding suggestions about the experiment design and analyzing the data yourself.
  • We need suggestions for which research institutions should receive the first ones.  Ask yourself or your friends who would you trust to confirm that cold fusion is real.