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Temperature & Pressure

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In this UHD video, Dr. Alexander Parkhomov and Ecaterina explain the careful heating process of a Ni + LiAlH4 reactor that gave him positive results. This information was used in our latest experiment. You can see the notes drawn in this meeting here: http://bit.ly/1J5yZTU

Padua - *GlowStick* Parkhomov Fuel - P4

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Part 4 of the Parkhomov powder filled reactor run in Padua Italy, the very same place where the notion of the scientific method was born. Join with us in the critical last phase of this experiment.

Tom Darden, ICCF19

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Tom Darden gave a measured speech that introduced his organisations environmental credentials, respected the LENR communities sacrifice in the face of adversity and explained how he came to invest, his intention to do more investment and that he was in the space for the long haul.