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The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project is a group dedicated to researching Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (often referred to as LENR) while sharing all procedures, data, and results openly online. We rely on comments from online contributors to aid us in developing our experiments and contemplating the results. We invite everyone to participate in our discussions, which take place in the comments of our experiment posts. These links can be seen along the right-hand side of this page. Please browse around and give us your feedback. We look forward to seeing you around Quantum Heat.

Join us and become part of the project. Become one of the active commenters, who question our work and suggest next steps.

Or, if you are an experimenter, talk to us about becoming an affiliated lab and doing your work in a Live Open Science manner.

The "New Fire"

There are recent scientific experiments that hint of an incredible, clean energy future for the world. The effect goes by many names. We simply call it the "New Fire" because, if validated, it has the potential to replace most of the combustion energy sources in our world today.

Our Goal

Our goal is to facilitate the wide-spread replication and validation of New Fire experiments, such as Francesco Celani's, at reputable research institutions around the world.

Once proven, research funds and private capital will flow into the field and result in some amazing, life saving, and life improving products.

For a more detailed introduction to the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project: MFMP Intro.

Our Plan

To make the biggest impact and overcome the hurdle of institutional bias against this type of phenomenon, we aim to make the whole process, from the apparatus to the procedures, to the whole plan of the project, as transparent and understandable as possible. We want this project to be for the people by the people as much as possible. We will be open about the plan, the designs, the process, the data and the results.

The other part of the plan is you. We will pursue crowd-sourced funding, crowd-sourced engineering, and hope for near real time scientific review. Are we 100% sure the New Fire is real and reproducible? No. But given there is significant evidence that it is, isn't the upside for the world worth attempting to validate it?

Our Progress Blog

How you can help

  • We need to raise the money to develop and distribute copies of this apparatus to ten research institutions around the world. We are targeting $500,000. Donate here. Or bid to own a piece of this, hopefully, historic project. Donate.
  • We will be setting up a Crowd-sourcing initiative soon. It will be listed right here and elsewhere when we do. The idea of a global, grass roots effort overcoming the institutional biases and bringing this to the attention of mainstream science and industry is so cool. Of course, a visionary philanthropist who recognizes the potential of this and funds the whole historic initiative also makes a good story.
  • We need to get the word out that this project exists: Check out our web page, Like us on facebook, tell your friends facebook.
  • Follow our progress on our Progress Blog where we will share, day by day, the achievements, the setbacks, and the data.
  • Contribute to the engineering by posting suggestions and comments. Contribute to the science by adding suggestions about the experiment design and analyzing the data yourself.
  • We need suggestions for which research institutions should receive the first ones. Ask yourself or your friends who would you trust to confirm that the New Fire is real.

Here is your generous contributions so far towards our $500,000 target, thanks everyone! : $45,020   Please Donate
See the current state of our booked costs here