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A brief history that led to the New Fire

As the world's population increases and its natural desire for a better standard of living puts pressure on traditionally exploited and accepted energy resources, there is a growing need to explore cleaner alternatives where possible as the current trend is predominantly towards dirtier and more difficult to extract hydrocarbons.

In August 2012, one of the worlds best ever electrochemists, Martin Fleischmann, died. 23 years ago this great man along with Stanley Pons showed the world there was another way... The world refused to listen

Thankfully, some very intelligent people recognised that a brilliant mind such as Martin's, would not allow him to say something that he did not truly believe in and they chose to pursue his research.

Millions of man hours of research by individuals, governments and corporations all across the globe, have in the past few years started to result in commercially viable implementations of discoveries spawned from Fleischmann and Pons' Work.

Many of these new discoveries are showing much more than the fusing of matter and many operate at well above bath temperature releasing copious amounts of thermal energy with no harmful byproducts. Therefore, the moniker that was forced upon the original discovery is inappropriate to adequately describe the reality we see today. Like fire, heat is produced, but in a different, much bigger and cleaner way, it is clearly an upgrade and so we are calling it the New Fire.

The New Fire can use cheap, non radioactive material such as small amounts of specially engineered standard nickel and minute amounts of normal hydrogen to safely release astounding quantities of energy with no harmful by products or CO2 emissions.

If you want the very latest news on the evolving story, there are many sites you can go to such as this one.