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Super NOVA testing

Written by Robert Greenyer on .

This blog will report on the testing of the Super NOVA reactor.

Background Beta Rate

The background beta rate in cm-2 per min-1 for a 120 minute sample at 21cm from face of reactor was 10.29 +/- 3.7%

Beta Radiation background and controls

Video of set up

Justification for adding Boron Trioxide

Justification for adding Quartz Crystals - Microwave Ultrasonics and other Piezo Effects

Microwave Emissions test

EVO ONE - first EVO strike mark to be analysed inside the reactor housing 

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+1 #3 Andras Fuchs 2020-04-11 09:47
Thank you Bob for the explanation and these videos!

It's great that you had the chance to test NOVA too, and that you have the footage.

I'm really looking forward to the new Super NOVA videos! ;-)
+1 #2 Robert Greenyer 2020-04-03 19:10
Hi Andras,

We did this kind of test in 2017 - with a reactor we had commissioned and purchased from Dr. Egely.


There are many videos on our Channel - search for NOVA.

The problem is there are magnetic forms of Carbon, Silicon and obviously Fe - but then there is silicon in the chamber. There is also the problem of contamination and 'enrichment' from charcol.

I have several more videos to publish and then I publish the rational for the experiment - this experiment design will not suffer from the criticisms of the past.
-2 #1 Andras Fuchs 2020-04-02 18:13
Hi Bob,

Could you try to replicate the experiment we had in Hungary with a similar reactor (also created by George Egely)?
I would be very much interested in your opinion.

Here is the video of our experiment in 2012 with some technical details in its description:

Thank you!

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