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Experiment List

Written by Ryan Hunt on .

The MFMP team has branched out into several concurrent experiments.  This will be the new main page for listing them.  We are committed to operating these experiments in the Live Open Science methodology that we have done so far.  Some of these experiments will now be blogged separately in categories within the main blog.  Each has their own Experiment Log and their own Live Data feed.

Please check out this presentation for a quick overview of our work to date:  


Name:  US Cell - First Runs  

Info / Experiment Log / Blog  / Live Data

Ran Nov - Dec 2012

This was the very first test runs in the first version replication cell.



Euro Cell - First Few Runs

Info / Experiment Log / Blog /Live Data

Ran Nov 2012 - Feb 2013

First version Celani replication cell.  Some encouraging results.


Dual Cell Vertical Apparatus - US 

Info / Experiment Log / Blog / Live Data

Ran Jan to Mar 2013

Slightly upgraded version of the Celani replication cells held in a vertical orientation and run simultaneously with different wire.  


Celani Replication V1.3 Cells 

Info / Experiment Logs: US  EU / Blog / Live Data

Run Apr to July 2013

The apparatus is version 1.3, but the experimentation will be done with Protocol 2.0

Further modification of original Celani replication cells with wires packed more densely in the center.  These are developed with a special, new protocol where identical wires are installed, calibrated in a vacuum, one wire is loaded with Hydrogen, and then the cells are both run in a vacuum and compared.  This will be done nearly simultaneously in the US and the EU.

Beginning Experimentation

Stainless Steel Cell in Air Flow Calorimeter 

Info / Experiment Log / Blog / Live Data

Run Feb to Mar 2013

Basic Celani cell with a stainless steel jacket instead of glass, and an inch of mineral wool insulation to allow it to heat to trigger temperature using less input power.  This test cell is operated inside an air flow calorimeter.  -- This was found to be too slow in response time and not as reliable as we hoped.  

Retired - obsoleted before it was fully commissioned 

Vacuum Insulated Dual Cells - EU 

Info / Experiment Log / Blog / Live Data

Run Apr 2013 and on

Vacuum insulated glass cell inside a stainless outer shell.  

Beginning Experimentation

HUG Concentric Tube Calorimeter  

Info / Experiment Log / Blog / Live Data

Run Apr 2013 and on

Latest generation in HUG calorimetry technology that will be way more precise and be applicable to wires or powders.  We're testing and refining the concept and design now.  

Beginning Experimentation

Completed Loading Study



Power Test Cell #1 - RF Voltage

Info / Experiment Log / Blog / Live Data

Run May 2013 and on

Breathing new life into experiments from early 2012, we are recommissioning and updating older test cells made to hold nickel powder and allow for stimulating it in various ways. A brief introduction under the collaboration page here. Each successive experiment and protocol will be updated on this parent document






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