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We have 3 aims

  1. Show to the world there is a new practical primary energy source we call the New Fire
  2. Once shown, help develop peoples understanding of what the New Fire is
  3. Help promote the development and uptake of the New Fire in all its various guises

We must first facilitate a series of standardised tests of one or more of the exact same configuration of the New Fire so that once and for all the world can see we have a bright, clean, safe and secure future.

With appropriate funding, we will show you the whole story, show you the tests being carried out and the results published live, we want to leave no shadow of doubt in peoples mind that they are right to get behind this revolution and clamour for it to deliver its benefits.

The candidate solutions would be tested simultaneously, in multiple geographies, at respected institutions, to show that the New Fire is reproducible and has utility. We would ask that interested parties all over the globe make their governments and press aware of this initiative so that the change can happen.

We have identified four configurations, any one of which, when replicated, would fulfill our primary aim. Each of them achieves New Fire in a different way and lend themselves to different applications but any of these show that real products that can change the world are imminent.

  • Celani's Wire Reactor, Can clearly show that the active component produces way more energy than can be explained by conventional means, it is economical to reproduce the equipment and has scaleability and wide areas for improvement and further study, things that Celani himself welcomes.  This is the first and most promising technology to demonstrate.  You canview our plan for replicating this experiment here.  

  • Jet Energy NANOR, Using different technology, this can show large energy gains in a small package, is easy to transport and to run long term standardised tests.

  • Brillouin Energy Boiler, They could provide a number of small test configurations for replication.

There are other potential candidates such as Defkalion Green Technologies, however the experiments need to be supplied easily and reliably run for over two weeks.