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Another day at the office

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As the team in Switzerland wait for the Celani wire in the EU cell to de-load, we see Nicolas working on a Mizuno type cell and Mathieu talking to Dr. Edmond Storms who is offering his assistance to the project.

EU cell setup and environment

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Mathieu is your host for a tour of his carefully arranged configuration of the European cell and its environment. He talks dirty about thermocouples, tape and gas injection, this is so sexy for scientists it should be highly rated.

The Air Flow Calorimeter

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Air flow calorimetry is known for its challenges, here Paul Hunt takes you through the careful design considerations they have made with the aim to make their unit as accurate as possible.

It is designed to test Celani wire based cells of various types.

Live Open Science

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The MFMP is built on an idea, to follow evidence for the New Fire in an open, transparent and live way - to enable anyone that is interested to challenge and analyse its findings as they happen, to take science forward.

To that end, tools and processes have been developed to allow everyone to feel as much as possible, part of the discovery process. As you can see in this video the "team" developing one of these core tools for MFMP at HUG needs assistance to allow everyone better live access and analysis of the growing data coming from the experimentation.

As we did previously for the data analysis tool, we are going to open up the code base and plans for expansion of the data aggregator and live charting web front end and encourage capable people to contribute to developing them to the benefit of everyone.

We will probably launch areas within the forum for people to collaborate on this and other aspects of the project soon.

Wire repair and other fun

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So on inspection of the wire after the past week of testing it was suggested that it was damaged and needed a "Repair". You can also see an attempt to establish the air flow around the cell.



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New Science, New Fire - Feel it!

Thanks to Ronnie Johnston AKA Tangled Connections for putting this together


Thermal Profiling

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Having fired up the cell for the second loading the team started to see what seemed to be some unexplained excess power from the wire - which we know, still had a R/R0 of under 0.9 at the start. Working to discount it, it was decided to see if there was any temperature variation in the cell that might indicate that some areas of the cell were within the trigger temperature for the effect.

Discussion on basis for excess heat calculation

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In this video, Ryan explains the current thinking and challenges posed by the experiments current configuration in assessing the power output from the wire. Two points, the Mica and external glass temperatures had their calibration numbers crunched in order to form a basis for excess power assessment. Ryan explains a number of possible reasons for the difference in estimated excess power including the point that the Quartz has difficulty thermalising IR whereas the Mica is better at it.