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Dr. Alexander Parkhomov @ ICCF19 - the big reveal

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Dr. Alexander Parkhomov @ ICCF19 HD Bizarrely offered a 'side room' after some delay and debate about a full presentation in the main hall which was not being used otherwise, Alexander chooses to stand his ground in front of his poster, where he felt more at ease and pretty much the entire ICCF-19 audience leave the adjacent lecture hall to go and hear and see what he had to say and show. A who's who assembled around him, showing keen interest with some notable exceptions. In this video, you can see (amongst many others) Sunwon Park - host of ICCF17, S. Korea Arik Boher - SKINNER Melvin Miles Jean-Paul Biberian David French Ubaldo Mastromatteo Peter Hegelstein Francesco Celani David Nagel Bob Cook Vladimir Vysotsky David Kidwell Mahadevan Srinivasan Representatives from NASA A true highlight of the week.