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Pressure Change

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Piantelli and others talk of sudden pressure change being one of the main ways to start LENR. The attached video documents one of a number of short experiments witnessed on 27th Feb 2015 in the lab sponsored by LockTherm LLC and conducted by their chief researcher, the affable Sergei Godin and his very able colleague Andrey Hrischanovich. 50/50 Ni / LiAlH4 powder pellets are directly heated via an induction coil in a quartz tube. Hydrogen is evolved. This is periodically flared off to maintain 1 atmosphere of pressure in the reactor. There is a store tank containing 5 atmospheres of H2 freshly made from a high quality hydrogen/deuterium generator. When the reactor has reached target base temperature and remaining H2 has been purged, the 5 atm. of H2 is pulse released into the reactor via an electronically actuated valve. The temperature started at 555ºC (due the thermocouple placement, this may be a low value) and post gas injection, the temperature rose over 100ºC at the same sample point and held for some time. No extra electrical energy was added. Then, confidently, they proposed first turning off the power before the injection. They expected a similar effect based on other transition metal Hydride tests apparently. Whilst it did not jump 100ºC, the temperature did stop plummeting and even rose for around 8 seconds, they put the short duration down to it "not being a good fuel". The first question was, "is it just the fuel re-ad/absorbing the H2" and other questions about the nature of the fresh Hydrogen. The second questions was "how long does it last for". They said that when they use another transition metal hydride, they get the rise sustained for up to 15 minutes. The cooled coils of the induction heater can be used to measure heat output in a kind of flow calorimetry way. There was no time to delve deeply into what appeared a very well designed piece of equipment. No time to verify the measurement method or the purpose of the equipment, save to say that they had detailed power monitoring of the whole apparatus so that they could perform proper energy accounting, including the Hydrogen generator, variac and all of the signal generators, PSUs cooling fans etc.