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SKINR *GlowStick* type replication

Written by Robert Greenyer on .

Over the past two weeks, SKINR have been running a *GlowStick*-like replication with the intent first to see only if there was any excess heat.

There were several key differences in their experiment

  1. Atlantic Equipment Engineers NI-110 not AH50
  2. The nickel was not heated in Air before reduction
  3. Not instrumented with radiation monitoring as looking first for signs of excess heat
  4. Alumina not Mullite tube
  5. In a brick cave, preventing rapid convection and ability to see lower energy x-rays
  6. Overall layout, configuration of coils and temperature measurement very different
  7. Different steel fuel container

Arik Boher says
"In the last temperature cycle (out of last two), TC failed. The internal cell temperature  was cycled from 850C to 1300C. Omega TC type K shielded by SS sheet was inserted into 1/8” Al2O3 sheath, mounted at the center of the 304 SS capsule. No excess heat was seen"

SKINR summary of different Nickel powders

The great news is that they will receive some Hunter Chemical AH50 from us soon (same as used in GS 5.2) and are in for the long haul.


0 #6 Joe 2016-04-07 18:40
Any news from the SKINR program yet? Been a coupla weeks.
0 #5 Robert Greenyer 2016-03-27 15:12
Dear Pekka,

We tried to replicate Brian Ahern in the conduction calorimeter with Nano Nickel, we did see very high loading but did not see excess heat and subsequent to this HUGs will to do direct research paused and has remained in this state till currently. We are trying to facilitate Russ from RWG research to take the work forward and have agreed to send him the HUG built conduction calorimeter.
+1 #4 Pekka Janhunen 2016-03-26 08:24
@Bob Greenyer Hi Bob. In ECW I discussed with Peter Roe (agaricus) about Brian Ahern. Rossi has said repeatedly since many years that he was able to reproduce Ahern's patent. Peter pointed out that Ahern is part of MFMP's advisory team. Has there been any discussion about trying to replicate one of his patents?
+1 #3 Robert Greenyer 2016-03-25 00:15

Best to calibrate you reactor with an internal TC up to its performance limit in a dummy fuel Run. Then you will know what your external TC reading means relative to the internal temperature - this is what was done on the *GlowStick* type reactors.

Please head to this link and look at the embedded live google document.


Bulk internal temperatures can excess 1340ºC

Most important is safety.
0 #2 Karel 2016-03-24 14:57
Hi Skinr

MAy I ask a few questions
I have 1/2 inch P91 steel tube as my reactor
I want to weld on 4 x thermo couples onto the outside wall of the tube( tube wall thickness is 4.5 mm
I then want to wrap heater with ceramic beads and insulation around the reactor
How important is the inside reactor temp or is the outside wall temp when insulated ok
What is the max temp you reactor sees - I am concerned about TC can only handle 1200 deg C
I plan to also use the fire bricks
Any other tips on reactor design would be appreciated
+1 #1 Mats002 2016-03-23 20:28
Happy FP day!

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