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Project /Fedora\ - Piantelli's KICK A** lab - double take

Written by Robert Greenyer on .

Happy Christmas Day, 23:59 Fiji

The MFMP announce Project /Fedora\

Following over two years of reach out and a concerted effort this year, the MFMP is to work with the consummate scientist Francesco Piantelli, the Father of the Ni+H New Fire to realise our primary goal.

In the following photo, you can see the venerable, debonair Francesco Piantelli in the soon to be famous tan coloured Fedora man hat (Man-hat-tan) from which we got the name for this project thread. With him you can see Mathieu Valat - the MFMPs hard working chief scientist who told NicHEnergy in 2012 at a LENR seminar in Italy "One day I'll be replicating you". For every core member of the MFMP, this was the first time we physically saw what may prove to be one of the most important humans to ever walk the earth.

The two bars represent the bars of nickel with glowing surface plasma which represent the minimum 2 X replications we hope to stream live of his technology before we facilitate live external independent replications with trusted, respected, international labs.


Mathieu Valat and Bob Greenyer had an amazing and enlightening time with Francesco Piantelli over the past week, a meeting we have tried to secure for over two years and been in active discussions about for many months.

He shared unbelievable amounts of detail, insight into many of the key events in the story of his Ni+H discovery with incredible granularity and of the process itself. It was 3 hours in each of two days where he just talked and talked with a clarity that all who might reach 81 would aspire to retain (indeed, far clearer than many would hope for in their prime). This man knows his stuff.

Because we are not-for-profit and non-governmental, at his request, we have agreed to run live experiments from his lab as soon as possible as his health is failing fast we feel it is imperative that we do this now. He asked us to come and work with him - and we believe this is the fastest way to demonstrate the reality of LENR. We have begged our wives, working things with our businesses and employers to make ourselves available.

He says he will be able to deliver repeatable experiments that will produce clear excess heat which would meet the MFMPs primary goal - and we can document the process.

We are aiming to start 2nd week in January.

We do not have time to put a Kickstarter together and get it approved before the work must begin in order to raise funds, but there is an amazing reward that we have negotiated from Piantelli to help us.

This will be revealed very soon - and it is not what you expect!

Serendipity in Siena - Tipple to toast

Every summer, as the grapes ripen nearby on the baking hillsides of Tuscany, Italy, an age old tradition of bare-back horse riding takes place between the community wards in the central square "Piazza del Campo" of the ancient city of Sienna. Called "Palio di Siena", it is a spectacle befitting of any Roman amphitheatre. The race is a brutal battle of horsemanship famous the world over and is the single most important event in the cities calendar.

Just a stones throw away in the top floor lab of the Universita di Siena a biology experiment was going on in a physics laboratory.

When a brain cell is starved of oxygen, its response is to keep itself alive, in doing so however, it creates a barrier after a few minutes that is ironically impervious to Oxygen - a situation that seals its doom.

The experiment was designed to investigate this phenomenon with a view to finding ways to prevent it and so try to stop brain damage in situations of oxygen deprivation. It was being conducted by one Prof. Francesco Piantelli and involved a Nickel rod, some electrodes, brain cells, hydrogen and stimulation. In order to freeze the state of a dying braincell instantly on its substrate of Nickel, the sample was dunked in liquid Helium which can be as cool as -269 °C (about 4 K or −452.2 °F), the coldest fluid known to man.

Only, on August the 16th, 1989, it did not freeze, it just kept on boiling away the liquid helium, this tiny fragment of nickel was fighting around 250W of cryogenic cooling to keep warm, it was a phenomenon that had no precedent - at the same time, this exact Palio di Siena could be viewed from the lab window...

Prof. Piantelli did not care, he did not know it then, but he was witnessing the birth of his Ni+H energy invention. His brilliant scientific mind strived to explain his experience and subsequently he started to wonder if it could be in the same family of nuclear derived energy as had been recently reported from Utah by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann.


Martin Fleischmann in time became Piantelli's friend and familiarised himself with another of Francesco's skills. It turns out that Francesco Piantelli is not only a consummate scientist, but also a fine winemaker. Martin would seek to secure some of Piantelli's hand made bottles of Chianti whenever he could.

When, in 1992, Francesco Piantelli and Sergio Focardi finally realised they had cracked repeatability and felt they understood Piantelli's Ni+H discovery, they shared a full five litres of his brew in celebration! 

We have great pleasure in announcing that Francesco has agreed to make available a limited number of his 1989 vintage home brewed Chianti bottles of wine, that he will sign. He agreed to do this in order to help raise money for a strong *independent* team to urgently go and work with him. We ask that people submit their closed pledges for these by the 30th December 2014 to  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stating pledge value and contact details.

Successful participants will be informed 31st December 2014 and will need to make good on their pledge by the 3rd January 2015. 

The top 5 pledges will be invited to come to the MFMP accommodation in Italy, if they can and share the wine. If Piantelli is well enough, he suggested that he would like to decant it, as a purist, he says that wine of this maturity is best consumed shortly after it is moved. Depending on shipping location, there will be an appropriate amount for packaging and shipping requested.

For other successful recipients, we recommend that you enjoy the tipple when whichever version of Piantelli's original invention is eventually proclaimed as viable, or just keep it as an investment - whatever happens, this will be a unique symbol of science from a great scientist.

Piantelli's KICK A** lab - first look

Firstly, can we say thank you to the pledges we have already received for Piantelli's home made bottles of 1989 vintage Chianti, we have received a good number already - one of $2500!! So it may just be possible for us to do this job properly. Thank you for your generosity, please consider pledging if you can.

The Lab

When we went to Italy to meet Francesco Piantelli, we had to keep our expectations low, we really had no idea if we were ever going to even see his famously top secret lab. Even as we were speaking to him for the first time, this was still seriously in doubt, but during the conversation he started to say that he would show us things in the lab tomorrow, which was really encouraging.

We had no idea what to expect - after arriving, as the the title implies, it is a VERY nice set-up.

The photo shown is just one room - there are several others which we will reveal and discuss over the coming days. It looks surprisingly similar to the lab shown in New Energy Times, which means he has been there since early 2008. Happy digging in this link guys!


There were several experiments running, one that we were told had been producing increasing nominal output from decreasing input since May! We did not get a chance to test the veracity of that claim ourselves, but it sure sounded positive. If we could see incontrovertible excess in an experiment that ran that long and get that rolled out internationally - we would achieve our primary goal and the New Fire would be officially lit we thought. We shall see.

There were 3 other cells of a different type hooked up, two of which were in various stages of an experiment but not yet producing excess heat apparently. These looked like the same type of Piantelli-Focardi cells in the article cited above where there are clear pictures detailed. If it works - don't fix it! It also says this of one of his experiments:

"Piantelli didn't know how hot the experiment had gotten before he killed it because the monitor eventually blacked out. However, the metal thermocouples inside the cell melted. This told him that the temperature exceeded 1450 C."

Interesting, that number looks familiar... and, with respect to the primary goal of the MFMP

"He said he once made a promise to Gene Mallove, at the time editor and publisher of Infinite Energy, to make a successful demonstration experiment."

Let us all do everything we can to help him keep that promise.

On the table to the right of the picture is the same blue cryogenic vessel that started Piantelli's journey. There are also clearer close-ups of this in the above sited article.

Were the lab appears different from the photos is that the equipment has been up-rated. In the adjacent rooms there is some really neat kit and we shall share those in the coming days.

Piantelli's KICK A** lab - double take

There is a lot of new stuff going on in Piantellis lab, things that we were not allowed to know about save for a nudge and a wink that they are much further on than the work we were being instructed to replicate.

NicHEnergy gave us permission to take these two photos showing some of the high specification equipment they have in the lab for looking at the structure and elemental aspects of their pre and post experiment samples.

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0 #58 Ecco 2015-03-06 19:11
During his presentation in Moskow, Robert Greenyer said that in the coming months a Piantelli replication in collaboration with Nichenergy is expected, and that an experiment attempting to demonstrate gamma emission from treated constantan/Cela ni wires is also planned in France as soon as Mathieu Valat will have enough time for it, so I would guess that all is not over yet.

Apparently MFMP results with excess heat from Celani wire experiments performed so far were more in line with reality than initial claims, but I agree that having wrapping-up documents summarizing findings and conclusions for each experiment and more communication on these matters would be helpful.

The video: my.mail.ru/.../2.html
Unfortunately I don't remember the exact time where this information was said, but I think it was not much after the beginning of this video.

As far as I'm aware of, MFMP collaborator Bob Higgins will make a Pakhomov replication soon. The one made at HUG before the Hunt's went on vacation was a sort of backup plan since several things went wrong during that week and they wanted to use the remaining free time for something that might have been interesting to see; that's also why it ended up being rushed.
0 #57 Edwin Pell 2015-03-06 18:10
Guys, I share Tom's frustration. You have had many interesting starts but no conclusions.

Celani wire super interesting resistance data but no follow up

Various nickel powder experiments the results of which I have no knowledge of

Parkhomov replication learned how to do experiment and then stopped before doing the experiment. Yeah, Ryan went on vacation but are there no volunteers to hold the fort?

Of these I would most like to see the Parkhomov finished. With several slooow ramp ups and downs to increasingly higher temps. Say up and down to 700C with no breakage up to 800C, 900C, 1000C, 1050C, 1100C, 1150C, 1200C, 1250C, 1300C internal temperatures.

To be clear I mean
25 to 700 to 800
800 to 700
700 to 900
900 to 700
700 to 1000
1000 to 700
700 to 1050
0 #56 Tom Baccei 2015-03-06 14:37
So, time has gone by in the Piantelli matter. No statement or progress seems to have been made. What happened to the proposal? Was this "bait and switch?" I really think you owe an explanation to those of us who donated money specifically for this opportunity. Dog Bone?, Russia?: seems you have slipped into fad of the week mode. Perhaps someone there could write a recapitulation of ALL results obtained to date, both promising and non-productive? That would be most useful.
Thank you,
Tom Baccei
0 #55 Edwin Pell 2015-02-09 17:33
Ecco, a point of interest the data in your graph is far from 100% radiative transfer. Posted in wrong forum. ooppss
0 #54 Edwin Pell 2015-02-09 17:29
Inventzilla, is there any experiment measurement of this effect? If so, where can I find it? Thanks.
0 #53 charlie tapp 2015-02-09 16:42
@inventzilla sounds exactly like what is going on here, clean cheap power, minus the t shirts of course
0 #52 Inventzilla 2015-02-07 15:09
Chemonuclear Fusion is a type of low energy nuclear fusion that has been shown to produce energy in two experiments. Aneutronic nuclear fusion can provide unlimited electric power without polluting the environment with radioactive waste and greenhouse emissions. Chemonuclear processes in small dense white dwarf stars accelerate the rate of nuclear fusion and cause them to explode in spectacular supernova explosions.

We started the Chemonuclear Fusion Project is to raise awareness of this new and vitally important source of environmentally clean energy and to promote research and development.

The Chemonuclear Fusion Project is soliciting volunteers to help our crowdfunding and educational campaigns. Our crowdfunding webpages will soon be up and running. We want people to post to discussion groups and help us get the word out that aneutronic chemonuclear fusion might be the radiation free way to power the world if we can get the funding to build and test reactors.

We want artists who can help us design T-shirts, mugs, and promotional items to sell and give away to our contributors. Writers to write promotional materials and post to web forums are also wanted. Video producers and professional and amateur scientists who can help the public understand the concepts of chemonuclear fusion are encouraged to contact us also.

Visit our facebook page and give us a like. We welcome your comments and questions!

0 #51 Tom Baccei 2015-02-06 22:53
MFMP seems to be jumping around like a flea at a rodeo. Of all the previous "tests" I cannot remember finding either a concluding, nor an interim report. Just the lead of the month, and no follow through to completion. What is up with Piantelli? What ever happened to the exciting new addition, Dr. Ahern? So far I challenge you all to point me toward anything substantial, either negative or positive. Only a bevy of partially executed plans and projects with never an over view, never a concise statement of progress. Come on - this is what you have promised, and what is desperately needed. Do you all have ADD?
0 #50 Robert Greenyer 2015-02-05 05:08
@Franco Morici

We agree
+1 #49 Franco Morici 2015-02-01 20:29
@ Robert Greenyer

I understand that now MFMP intend to perform a replication of Piantelli's cell based on acquired knowledge and not more a real time tests in Siena together with the inventor.
This solution has lower probability of success and, in case of test failed, a lot of causes can be invoked to justify the eventual bad result.

The better and appropriate solution is still (like 15 years ago) the direct test performing a good calorimetry and tests directly in Piantelli Lab, on a recognized (by Piantelli) working cell (any cell he choices, an old cell or an improved one or a new prototipe, anything he likes...)

I read that they asked you a signature of an NDA but they required your help in order to demonstrate the claim, so why not allow this fast and simple test solution that keeps well saved also the inventor IP?
How just a simply calorimetry, performed in Piantelli's Lab and under his full control, can jeopardize the IP, I can't understand.
+1 #48 Robert Greenyer 2015-01-31 14:35

We told them we could not sign an NDA and were only interested in replicating published and patent protected research when we visited them in December on an exploratory trip, Just Mathieu and Myself. No funds were sought at this point specifically for collaboration with them. During that trip we had much greater access to Piantelli than we had hoped for and the NicHEnergy Lab, this was very encouraging.

When we arrived in Italy, we were given Day one access to NicHEnergy in Milan and after we had got down and settled in Siena, we had nearly a full week of intense one on one. Still no indication of an NDA.

Only as we were leaving at the end of that first week, after 5 full days of tuition, were we asked and we refused, we stood our ground for over two hours and respectfully agreed we would revert with a proposal. We did that. They really liked it but felt it was unnecessarily long. We then supplied a very short proposal which again has been accepted.

We are currently waiting for final approval on their side. In the mean time, we are keeping our other funded commitments and Mathieu has begun sourcing components for the replication.
+1 #47 charlie tapp 2015-01-31 00:57
I am pretty sure they did not know tom . I have been with these guys from day one and have never seen anything bad from them . I have not donated the way that you have due to my own personal finance problems . But yours and many more did make this trip happen and I am sure something has come out of it even if it doesn't seem like it. And we all appreciate what you have done. Even if all they learned was something as silly as the tube needs to be pointing north for anything to happen and nothing else that is a step forward.so thank you for everything and please be patient they are still working. Not to mention how much these guys are not at home with their families just to experiment for all of us on something that could very well not be possible at all.
+2 #46 Tom Baccei 2015-01-31 00:08
When you are invited to collaborate, and raise funds for that process, those who provide the funds can reasonably assume that the ONLY obstacle to completing the mission is the need for those funds. In this case Dr. Piantelli clearly did NOT make it clear that an NDA would be necessary. MFMP spent the money raised to deliver themselves to the NicHEnergy site and were THEN informed of the NDA requirement.

I feel defrauded in having contributed to delivering you all to Italy, only to find, after the fact, that a non disclosure was required. Who, may I ask is defrauding me? Do I have the chronology correct? Who, I ask again, is defrauding me?

As I have already said, I have developed enough respect for the sincerity and honesty of the MFMP group to donate, what for me was a significant amount. No mention of the need for a NDA was made at the time of YOUR request for funds to go forward. Did THEY ambush YOU? ( and those who funded you), or were you presumptive in your fund raising? Yes, I am pissed off! Either YOU are suckers to their manipulations, or I am to yours! Please let me know which of those exclusive choices holds.
0 #45 charlie tapp 2015-01-29 20:12
Just curious and board, I have been playing around with some platinum catalist out of a car converter (only fancy metal substrate I have) and got to thinking about adsorption so I cleaned a piece with the torch until it would readily heat up by itself with propane or hho. Then instead of hydrogen from water electrolysis I submerged it in peroxide that also has hydrogen and is safe . It bubbled like crazy after being cleaned so it must bee adsorbing the hydrogen because the red hot splint test showed the gas as being oxygen . I know that it is only adsorbing a mono layer on the cat but what would happen if you used some of the nickel powder ? Would it load into the nickel and then heat it up and get the same effect . Useing it as the source of hydrogen also makeing clean water and steam simultaneously through inductive heating.i tried heating the loaded cat material with an old heater blower coil wraped carfully around it in open air. Hopeing it would just take off of course it didn't , the ceramic dinner plate I stole out of her kitchen ( shhh) blew apart and scared the hell out of me . So I don't even have amp readings or anything just half ass temp readings with the fluke thermal couple I have but I will try it again. Mabee I will crush it up into a powder. Just wondering about adsorption is it also a mono layer inside the nickel powder?
0 #44 Robert Greenyer 2015-01-29 13:45

I just arrived in Minesota with the Key equipment for up and coming tests. Ryan told me of the kindness of your comment and we will try our best to honour the sentiment.

Here is your generous contributions so far towards our $500,000 target, thanks everyone! : $45,020   Please Donate
See the current state of our booked costs here