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How MFMP knows it is safe to go to ICCF20

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Brendan Madden of American School in Japan demonstrates why he knows it is completely safe to attend ICCF20 in Japan.

Citizen science at its best - as the MFMP does its homework for the coming ICCF20 - we just thought it would be useful to check that the radiation levels were safe for delegates in Sendai - and guess what - they are no more than background. 

Turns out that you are at more risk on an airplane than at ICCF20 - yay to cosmic rays! 

The SafeCast uses an LND7317 - the exact same excellent and sensitive Geiger Muller tube we used in *GlowStick* 5.3 experiment.

To see the visualisation of the data from SafeCast around the Fukashima fallout zone, go here




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