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Kickstarting the New Fire, pledge rewards

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So we are a few weeks away from launching a huge array of experiments using much of the learning that you have been a part of. This process is, and will be, very expensive and we need to make sure that not only do we have the funds in place to put the "roof on the house" but also to deliver live experiments to other respected research facilities around the globe.

We have wanted to launch a Kickstarter for 4 months, but wanted to be confident we could deliver before taking this work to a wider audience. Not only that, but we had to ensure that we had the right non-profit organisation that would be capable of running  a Kickstarter and meeting their tight rules. Even after that, we had to jump through many hoops to prove the legitimacy of the organisation and the project. The final obstacle was to get permission from Celani for some of the pledge rewards we had planned to offer - I am pleased to say, Celani green flagged all our requests and we are again surprised at his willingness to be open to challenge and scientific scrutiny. With these challenges behind us, we are now revving up for our proper social fundraising effort.

This is for every team member our first Kickstarter and we are hoping that you will be inspired by the rewards we have for pledges made. We would like to say a very big thanks to the amazing folks out there that have had enough faith in our work to help support us already, your contributions have kept us motivated to work through the long weeks that this kind of work entails.

Please take a look at the rewards we intend to offer and if you have any ideas for more/better/variations please suggest them in the comments below.

Pledge £5 or more

Love! Pure love from us and everyone who will benefit from clean, green economical energy! You can make a difference and help to make a better world.

Pledge £15 or more

A DVD of "Lighting the New Fire", a documentary charting the MFMP from its beginning through the discovery of a new way of doing science to the conclusion of the Celani replications. 

Pledge £20 or more 

Bumper Sticker proclaiming your dedication to New Power for a New World! Let everyone know that there is a better future for all of us. 

Pledge £40 or more

Our very own mascot; Delta Pyro - Commander of the New Fire epitomises the search to unlock energy that can power the future. He will remind you of the endeavours of all the scientists and followers involved that you helped succeed as he sits on your desk or cabinet. Makes a great present for kids as it is 3D printed in high quality 100% plastic! (Can anyone spot the tongue in cheek fun in this?)

Pledge £50 or more

A BlueRay of "Lighting the New Fire", a documentary charting the MFMP from its beginning through the discovery of a new way of doing science to the conclusion of the Celani replications.

Pledge £50 or more

A T-Shirt proudly proclaiming your belief in New Power for a New World. Let them know that you are one of the many who have not given up hope in the search for a better way to live! Beautiful 100% cotton and great design too!

Pledge £75 or more

(Only 100)
A signed DVD of "Lighting the New Fire", a documentary charting the MFMP from its beginning through the discovery of a new way of doing science to the conclusion of the Celani replications. Yes Francesco Celani will be signing 100 copies of the DVD! Strictly limited and possibly of historic interest in years to come.

Pledge £100 or more

(Only 100)
A signed BlueRay of "Lighting the New Fire", a documentary charting the MFMP from its beginning through the discovery of a new way of doing science to the conclusion of the Celani replications. Yes Francesco Celani will be signing 100 copies of the BlueRay! Strictly limited and again, possibly of historic interest in years to come.

Pledge £150 or more

Your name goes proudly onto the Honours List - emblazoned across the Quantumheat.org website list of honoured contributors who have proudly supported MFMP in the bringing the prospect of a better future for all to the World!

Pledge £299 or more

(Only 180)
Own a piece of history! The actual 360 layer Celani wires used in the first two MFMP New Fire LENR experiments will, after SEM analysis, be cut into 1cm long pieces and cast into clear resin cubes, with a certificate of authenticity. Yours to show your grandchildren. They will be proof that you were one of the believers in a better future for all.

Pledge £499 or more

Come and visit one of the experimental sites! I know it is pretty groundbreaking to see the data from the experiments LIVE as they happen on your mobile, but there is nothing like seeing the thing up close and meeting an MFMP team member up close! To get this reward, you must be aware that you will need to provide some personal information to allow security clearance. You will also need to make your way to one of of the test sites. Get yourself a photo as history is made!

Pledge £599 or more

(Only 30)
Be immortalised - get your name on one of the 3 first international cells to be sent out as part of the replication. Your name will be engraved on a special plate attached to the cells. Only 10 names per cell and the fact will be recorded on the website also.

Pledge £4,000 or more


(Only 10)
Dinner with Francesco Celani, one of the leading lights in the field of LENR, and the man who's work has inspired many and led the way for the MFMP LENR experiment replications. Francesco is a true visionary and a lovely man. You may even share a spaghetti with him - who knows! A great opportunity to discuss you dreams for the technology. You will need to be security checked and make your way to Rome, in Italy, to a restaurant of his choosing.

Pledge £5,000 or more

Receive a mounted replica of the New Fire MFMP version of the Celani experimental cell. This will be built to the same exacting precision as the live apparatus and attractively mounted. Supplied with the final experimental protocol, it will be able to be charged with gas and loaded with wire. It will come with the base Constantan wire that may, if you are lucky, produce excess heat! Comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Also, you might like to think about how much we should aim to raise in this Kickstarter given that if we do not reach our target, we don't get a thing. We are pretty sure we can deliver the minimum 3 experiments that would be needed to make the MFMP worth while for around $150,000, so what should we go for?


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0 #21 Artem Mouraviev 2013-03-13 09:25
Hi, guys! I suggest you translate your Kickstarter videos on my resource movitr.com
0 #20 Robert Greenyer 2013-03-13 08:30
@Dominik Eckelmann

Much of the video is caught in 1080P full HD, so the resolution on the BlueRay will be 7X that of the DVD.

The length of the material is growing as we are still working... only the editing work is getting more difficult as we will not want an epic for everyone to sit through.
0 #19 Dominik Eckelmann 2013-03-12 20:22
Re the DVD/Blueray: Whatever there is on I will choose them :)

Is there a difference in quality of the video material (DVD/BlueRay)? How long is the video material?
+3 #18 Robert Greenyer 2013-03-12 18:43
@Charlie Tapp

We are all working very hard on the science and experiments. Ryan is preparing a blog on the US Steel Cell in the AFC. He has a guy that is gearing up the powder cells - there will be a mini project on this. Space has been made in the lab for the 2 V2 cells (see US logbook). Mathieu has mostly retro-fitted one cell and part built the other for the V2 EU experiments and there have been regular updates on the progress of the steel and glass cells in the US and there is an update due as Nicolas has done a lot of successful pressure testing, thermal profiling and time constant calculation on the one fully constructed cell.

We are gearing up for a social funding launch, naturally there needs to be stimulation of debate on marketing. It is no good having a great and just endeavour, if no one hears about it. Delta Pyro is purely funded by me and executed by my own staff. Initially he will be a 3D Printed reward for KS pledges - if no one wants him, none are made. He is initially "helping to discover the new fire" - but only in theory! So far, whilst the other rewards have barely raised an eyebrow i.e. no one has commented on the DVDs/BluRays/T- Shirts/Bumperst ickers, in fact nothing except one satirical comment about the cost of having dinner with Celani, there have been many people offering good marketing ideas and alternatives because DP has stimulated debate.

I am just scratching the surface of what is going on, we are trying to find time to write blogs but, for instance, we are currently trying to write some abstracts for papers we want to present at ICCF18 as the deadline is imminent.

Even though we are just a few volunteers, we are not hanging about, a lot of work is going on. The whole point of everything is to get the new fire lit.


Hmmm, interesting. That is annoying and good at the same time.

Let us look into it. I love the crowd - thankyou!
0 #17 charlie tapp 2013-03-12 17:16
it seems that we have stopped looking for the new fire and replaced it with a cartoon, is there some secret evidence of this thing working without a doubt. just wondering because all posts are revolved around this new character. without the proof he will be like that superhero tv show in the 80's that could fly but didnt know how to control himself in flight.
0 #16 James F. 2013-03-12 16:33
@ Robert

I'm going to correct my last post about Kickstarter. I had read their policy and it said you can not raise money for a charity. It did not say a charity can not raise money. So for verification I sent in a clarification and this is what was returned:

Kickstarter Support, Mar 12 12:22 (EDT):
Hi James,

Thanks for getting in touch. Being a 501(c)(3) wouldn't prevent the organisation from using Kickstarter. Our guidelines involve not raising money for charity, but don't prevent a charity from using Kickstarter to fund a creative project that fits inside our guidelines (http://www.kickstarter.com/help/guidelines).

Please let me know if you have any other questions and I'll be happy to help!


Looks like you can become a 501(c)(3) sooner than you thought.
0 #15 Robert Greenyer 2013-03-12 16:02
@James F.

That is something to consider.

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