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Stainless Steel and Glass Dual Walled Cells

Keep up to date with developments relating to the Celani inspired Stainless Steel and Glass Dual walled cells developed with support from donations and team resources.

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Images of S&G cells refit

on .

Here are some images showing the new pass-throughs and gas and vacuum fittings 


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0 #2 Ryan Hunt 2014-05-14 14:37
I'm pretty sure Nicolas is using the same things we are:

Ultra High Vacuum Epoxy:

4 bore ceramic tubing:
part# 87175K91

The thermocouples are 0.020" diameter stainless clad and isolated from the shell. We get them from Omega.com part#KMQSS-020U-12

We have started etching the metal with Muriatic acid before applying the epoxy.
0 #1 nikita alexandrov 2014-05-13 23:43
This looks great!

Can you explain a bit more about the passthroughs you have made here?
Are the multiwire passthroughs made of mated ceramic and stainless tubes? Do the ceramic tubes have channels?
What is the brown material which glues it together?
How are you keeping the thermocouple sealed?
What is the max operating pressure you expect?
Sorry for all the questions,
Nikita Alexandrov

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