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Celani Replication

Keep up to date with our replication of experiments based on Celani's cell right here.
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Experiment Intro - Celani V1.3 Cell

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The latest version test cell based directly on Celani's glass cell is our version 1.3 test cell.  The wire and glass configuration is more like Celani's original cell and it will be very suitable for running Celani's latest protocol.


Key Improvements

  • Standardized on Schott-Duran Borosillicate Glass - same type as Celani
  • Concentrated wires in the center, away from the cool flanges
  • Added radiation/convection blocks at both ends of wire coil
  • Added another set of internal and external glass sensors
  • Glass fiber insulation for the copper power leads.

CAD Renderings

End View:  Two 4-wire pass-throughs, one thermowell, one gas connection tube.

In Reality:

In the image below the glass fiber insulation around the copper power leads are clearly visible.  The wires at the bottom of the cell are intentionally left longer than necessary for flexibility in case we want to alter the wire supports.

In the image below, you can see the first fully assembled new cell just before it was shipped to the European Team.  Additional components to be used to retrofit the first Euro Cell were also sent.



This test will be done a bit differently, inspired by some recent Celani work.  This blog entry [The Genius of Celani ] describes the concept.  It helps account for many of the uncertainties in our experiments to date.





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