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HOMO - Parkhomov reactor sample tests

Written by Robert Greenyer on .

MFMP to start testing marathon off with tests of ash and reactor samples from reported and unreported Parkhomov reactors...
Tomorrow, some samples will be tested at the Masaryk University Brno using MALDI TOF MS, to see what this is about, go here.
Bob Greenyer and Alan Goldwater will be in observers.
We had a funding requirement for these tests, however, we are very happy to report that Nicolas Chauvin, CEO of LENR Cars has met the $3000 call - a big thank you to Nicolas for enabling these tests to go ahead promptly!

  1. Outer wall of the “Protok 6” reactor before operation

  2. Outer wall after working in the “Protok 6” reactor

  3. Internal tube after working in the “KV 3” reactor

  4. Internal tube of the “KV 3” reactor before operation

  5. Boron nitride after working in the “SK 4” reactor

  6. Boron nitride before operation in the “SK 4” reactor

  7. Fuel after operation in the “KV 3” reactor


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