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Help us trawl the declassified CIA archives!

Written by Robert Greenyer on .

MFMP asks the crowd to trawl the declassified CIA archives for project related material...
A quick look for "Cold Fusion" reveals a Feb 1991 document reporting research from Russia that supports the biological transmutation work of Vysotskii and Kornilova - here is an extract from the "StarGate 1" project:
"V. Kaznacheyev's associates have already conducted more than 20,000 experiments (at the human and individual cell levels) and have come to a sensational conclusion - a special field form of life is present in living matter.
It manifests itself in physical fields, the nature of which is still not clear. But one thing is certain, the scope of the concept 'living' is much more complex than we had imagined. According to academic V. Kaznacheyev, it appears that, in addition to ordinary oxidation / reduction reactions, processes at the level of cold fusion take place in the living cell"
It goes on
"If this form of life is detected and if this is done in a laboratory doing classified work, the temptation may arise to exert a special influence on the human mind and abilities. From there, it is but one step to a terrifying psychological weapon"

Here is an interview that appears to be in 2013 with the same scientist, if anyone out there can provide a transcript in Russian and English, that would be most appreciated.


Here is his Russian wiki, sadly it appears he died in 2014


Here is an example related to our field
And another
Here is an excerpt from this 1992 report where an interviewed Russian scientist accept Cold Fusion and quantify their observed COP at that time as being between 2.12 and 4.2
" 24. ''Neither one of the three,'' Vasiliy Dmitriyevich responds. ''Do you recall another sensation which was trumpeted roughly at the same time as high-temperature superconductivity? It was reported that the so-called ''cold fusion'' was discovered in the United States. Then this phenomenon was replicated in many laboratories throughout the world. That it was replicated yet again could not be explained. And why? Simply because they were trying to find the features of fusion reactors where they couldn't be found.
25. ''I remember these experiments vividly. I even observed one of those at Moscow State University. A jar with heavy water, two live electrodes, and all of a sudden, additional heat, as if from nowhere. And if its source is not 'cold fusion,' then what was it?
26. ''We call this phenomenon 'energy conversion.' And the jar itself ls a primitfve converter model. Water boils in it. Using the scientific language, we are dealing with a phase transition. Yet in this case the water particles are moving in an orderly fashion due to an electric field. And in such cases, according to our theory, phase transitions result in an increase in the energy release. The gain is some 2.12-4.2 times greater than the work spent.
27. ''Wait a second, wait a second,'' I am trying to interrupt what I have just heard, ''Are you talking about perpetual motion?''
28. ''No, we are talking about extracting the inner energy of the matter.'' "
Search for all the terms you can - using "" to look for specific phrases.


+1 #4 Robert Greenyer 2017-01-28 01:11

Our biggest challenge is lab and experimentalist time. When these are not available, observation, thinking and preparation is all that some members can do.

Having said that, we have ben preparing since GS 5.3 home-brew Neutron detectors and an experiment designed to test theories in the field (mainly Piantelli / Godes ) and we are instrumenting this right now on GS 5.4.

The live experiment will commence in the next week and hopefully will be our best instrumented to date.

Look out for the live document!
+1 #3 thomasD 2017-01-27 20:48
I have followed your story over the course of the last years with curious interest. However, you unfortunately seem to get distracted ever so often. I'd prefer you to keep working on successful projects like the dog bone and not always hunt for the most spaced out things. Science needs thorough tedious work not jumping from you crazy project to another. Focus your resources for success!
0 #2 charlie tapp 2017-01-20 03:13
@ Alan g. I was on this morning and it was working I think I am done with e cat ufo files had me busy all morning very interesting stuff they keep from us . Fun stuff
0 #1 AlanG 2017-01-19 22:10

"CIA.gov is Temporarily Unavailable

CIA.gov is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later.

Posted: Aug 27, 2012 04:31 PM"

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