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Life changing

Written by Robert Greenyer on .

Life may be far more amazing than we have previously imagined and if the hypothesis of this presentation holds up to experimental evaluation, humans may be able to devise a magic bullet to address some of the most difficult challenges facing us.


Resources such as presentations and papers can be found here

Here is a discussion with Vladimir Vysotskii immediately following his presentation at ICCF20, Sendai, 5th October 2016

Below is the presentation from ICCF19 where Vladimir Vysotskii presented their own research

News article reporting the process from Russian source.


A fun home experiment to help you understand the Dr. Vladimir Vysotskii / Dr. Alla Kornilova 137Cs to 138Ba experiment... 

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0 #24 จักรยานไฟฟ้า 2017-09-05 18:02
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0 #23 Robert Greenyer 2017-01-04 16:01
Thanks Juoni, it is sad that the most important organisms on earth get such a bad press and the majority do not understand how important they are.
0 #22 juoni 2017-01-04 01:23
Another example of benefical micro-organisms is Bokashi. I use that to improve my soil by first fermenting kitchen waste (carbohydrates etc) first by fermenting those with Bokashi -effective microbes. And then mixing that with soil.
That process is used also in waste water purification.
0 #21 Axil 2016-12-24 05:31
Where in the Nature does there appear forms of LENR and how are they related to biological transmutations

Quantum coherence is a well known and accepted process that enables special reactions in biological systems.


Here again, the LENR reaction is a result of quantum coherence in biological systems through the amplification of the weak force.
0 #20 Axil 2016-12-24 05:19
Quoting David Brady:
To: Robert Greenyer
In view of all developments in the field of LENR research, in what respect would these developments support the Widom-Larson (WL) theory? Thank you for sharing you thoughts and experiences with the rest of us. Good work!
/s/ David Brady, Far Rockaway, NYC


The LENR reaction is based on a amplified weak force. LENR is a nuclear decay process. The weak force is responsible for nuclear decay in all its manifestations which include beta decay as occurs in the W&L reaction, free neutron decay, and nucleon decay.

All this accelerated and amplified decay produces a boatload of mesons which in turn generates both fusion and fission secondary reactions.

The smoking gun in the LENR theory is the lack of radioactive isotopes associated with the LENR reaction. The only way that such a miracle can occur is if the weak force in LENR is strong in the extreme.

When some other right thinking LENR experimentalist like Holmlid takes the amplified weak force hypothesis seriously, and confirms massive meson production in LENR then the Road to a proper LENR theory will be make smooth and straight.

So should the W-L theory be dismissed?

There are a hundred different ways in which coherence can form in LENR. One way is in nanocavities in a metal lattice where hydrogen condenses into a ultra dense state. This has been seen in what Ed Storms have identified as LENR in nano cracks. This coherence has been seen in palladium when loading is at its greatest extent as explained in this reference:


Magnetic and Transport Properties of PdH: Intriguing Superconductive Observations

Another is in plasma based LENR where balls of plasma form coherent ball lightning on the nanoscale.

The W&L neutron reaction will not occur in normal situations when the weak force is at its nominal strength level, but when the weak force is amplified through coherence, low energy neutrons might well form as one of many anomalous subatomic particle LENR based reactions catalyzed through coherence.

The W&L neutron reaction may cause the LENR reaction along with so many other sub atomic particles produced by weak force decay but it may be only one of many related sub atomic particle based causes of the LENR reaction all based on coherence.
0 #19 Axil 2016-12-24 05:10
Quoting David Brady:
To: Robert Greenyer
In view of all developments in the field of LENR research, in what respect would these developments support the Widom-Larson (WL) theory? Thank you for sharing you thoughts and experiences with the rest of us. Good work!
/s/ David Brady, Far Rockaway, NYC

Verlinde's theory seeks to replace Einstein's theory of gravity with a theory that large scale and all pervasive entanglement in space time increases the strength of gravity by many times.

This insight into the way fundamental forces behave is important for the theory of LENR because at one time when the Cosmos was just beginning, gravity, the nuclear strong force, and the electroweak force were combined into a single fundamental force. At that initial time, the entire universe was entangled as a single coherent entity.

Over time as the universe cooled, the unified fundamental force separated into four separate forces that we know today. By understanding the way gravity is now behaving informs us about how the other forces are behaving. As the twig is bent so shall the tree grow. All the four separate forces still behave as they once did when they first were created. Quantum Entanglement is still having a profound and formative effect on the other forces as they once did when the Cosmos first began during grand unification.

Superconductivity and quantum entanglement through coherence is still strengthening the weak force just as it once did when it was combined in the nascent universe with gravity in grand unification.

In this way at looking at things, LENR is an emergent behavior of high temperature superconductivi ty. LENR is the child of coherent entanglement.

This insight is not new. J. Schwinger understood this behavior from the very beginning of LENR theory.

J. Schwinger understood the role of coherence as recorded in the "Nuclear Energy in an Atomic Lattice", in The First Annual Conference on Cold Fusion. 1990.

​“This representation of the overall probability, per unit time, as the product of two independent factors, may be true enough under the circumstances of hot fusion. But in very low energy cold fusion one deals essentially with a single state, or wave function, all parts of which are coherent. It is not possible to totally isolate the effect of the electric forces from that of the nuclear forces.”

Schwinger recognized that the electric and nuclear force were unified in action when the coherent LENR condition is in process.
0 #18 Axil 2016-12-24 05:00
I have looked into the the EMF magnification potential of the Surface Plasmon Polariton(SPP) reaction. The usual level is 10E9 and the maximum that I ran across was 10e15.

See the explanation of how this amplification process works here in this article.

Plasmonics with a twist: taming optical tornadoes on the nanoscale

0 #17 Robert Greenyer 2016-12-12 18:40
Another Russian Article on the research

+1 #16 Robert Greenyer 2016-11-11 19:42
@Gorky Goss

Thanks for the info - I will take a look!

Ok - I had a good look - very interesting - I used to do extreme exercise, in snow (running and long distance trekking) and swimming in ice water in caves and I naturally used the same deep breathing techniques he is describing, so this is fascinating to me as I did not know any reasons for it, I just did it.

I have hypothesised that the control could go even deeper to the level that may result in SHC - perhaps this is purely chemical - but I have considered that if the "Life Changing" experiment works - and we show that nature can effect nuclear transmutation, then them power within us is truly phenomenal.
0 #15 corky goss 2016-11-04 04:43
Dear Bob,

On this topic, please, please look up Wim Hof (the Iceman.) He discusses mitochondrial research that shows scientific proof relating to your thesis. Check his discussion on the Joe Rogan podcast from 10/24/16 at the one hour mark (or the entire show to see how this important research lines up with your hypothesis!) Viewing this research discussion may provide some insightful context to your bold, and frankly provable assertions regarding mitochondria... . and how to power up these micro-source-en gines through breath and will toward heath, happiness and strength! Peace out my friend!

+2 #14 charlie tapp 2016-11-03 15:29
@robert greenyer any kind of updates on anything not much action anywhere
0 #13 Robert Greenyer 2016-10-22 06:38
@ D W Klousie

Thanks for the summary of that interesting article.


Thanks, it means a lot - this particular experiment effort is stand alone and will require a huge amount of planning and the right level of financing to ensure it is successfully conducted. The dual headache of biological and nuclear agents required are very challenging as is finding the right venue, but the will is there and in the coming weeks we'll start opening up the experiment designs for crowd input to ensure we have a robust design before moving forward.
+1 #12 Bk 2016-10-21 19:04
hi Robert Greenyer,

i want to thank you for your efforts you put into informing us on your research. Its great to see a open mind.
You are great and i wish you much much success developing this technology as well much health because thats the most important.
Thnak you :-)
0 #11 D W Klousie 2016-10-10 21:24
4 billion years of struggle, digging deep into its ancestral DNA and found a solution !!! Life, DNA, Ancestor Heritage, we really have a lot to learn and understand !!!
0 #10 D W Klousie 2016-10-10 21:21

The essence is that they had a bacterium that need oxygen, so they eliminated all oxygen, but gave the culture iron, some of the bacterium learned to use the iron to extract oxygen from molecules that have oxygen with a redox reaction. Then once they had a thriving community of these bacterium, they put them in an environment with no oxygen, no iron only deuterium and manganese. So some of the bacterium do what most would call impossible and transmute the deuterium and manganese into iron.
4 billion years of struggle, digging deep into its ancestral DNA and found a solution !!!
Life, DNS, Ancestor Heritage, we really have a lot to learn and understand !!!

Sobolenko Igor, who worked on the sterilization of medical equipment and was well acquainted with microorganisms, refuses to die in the most difficult conditions. It was he who helped to understand how to make the culture to grow with manganese in deuterated water.

- Culture absorbs manganese, and itself produces iron, because it is necessary to her life - says Kornilov - here the connection is as follows: a living culture need oxygen, but it also needs something that it will pick up and bring in the right place at the organic molecule . This is iron, which creates the possibility of a redox reaction. Then everything is simple: in an environment where we put the culture, there is no iron in conditions of manganese and deuterium it grows very poorly, it lacks oxygen. And in order to survive, she begins to do the unthinkable: to combine these two isotopes - deuterium and manganese. Why is she doing this? This is the last option survive. We suffocate her by two factors, and it creates iron, which can bring her oxygen, and oxygen will allow it to develop. For this culture and make the impossible - a nuclear fusion reaction: two cores together. Life - is a method of producing new nuclei, which are necessary for the growth of the culture.

0 #9 Robert Greenyer 2016-10-10 01:25
@David Brady

We have to replicate the claimed effect first, to know if there is anything to consider, though it does not appear at first glance to be in line with W-L theory.
0 #8 David Brady 2016-10-09 12:10
To: Robert Greenyer
In view of all developments in the field of LENR research, in what respect would these developments support the Widom-Larson (WL) theory? Thank you for sharing you thoughts and experiences with the rest of us. Good work!
/s/ David Brady, Far Rockaway, NYC

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