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It's not LENR, but it will still help the world...

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Hunt Utilities Group in Pine River, known for it’s work with the MFMP on LENR and live open science (HUG provides HUGNet boards and the data hosting and viewing free to the project), is launching a Kickstarter for its new, efficient and affordable garden bed product, the Garden Circles.

Starting Wednesday, March 16th, we will be doing a Kickstarter campaign around our new raised bed garden product, the Garden Circle. As an added bonus, for every three garden beds we sell on Kickstarter, we are donating one to a community garden. Which lucky community gardens get the beds will be decided by a contest. Community gardens are invited to submit a proposal for what they would do if they got a bunch of Garden Circles and then share their proposal all over social media.

Kickstarter Page (Active March 16th) :

Community gardens can apply to receive donated raised beds at http://KickstartYourCommunityGarden.com

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If we make our fundraising goal, there will be over 100 garden beds to deliver to several community gardens. If we do not meet our goal, then the Kickstarter campaign fails and neither we, nor the community gardens get anything. That’s why I am emailing you. We need your help spreading the word to ensure that this succeeds. With any luck, this will product will take off allow us the opportunity to continue doing LENR experiments.

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0 #10 Robert Greenyer 2016-07-05 09:57

I can perhaps answer question 2.

Ryan, Mathieu, Bob H etc. were informed of the results of the GS5.2 at the earliest opportunity, Mark and Alan saw it. In fact the data and much discussion was always public and live it was just that no one was paying attention.

We had already demonstrated repeatable detection of Geiger Counter count increases in 2013 in Celani wires in France. This was when re-charging the cells with fresh H2 and this was replicated within 24 hours by Jean-Paul Biberian. When we announced this finding - we were literally inundated with historical research by many bodies of the observation of photons in a range of energies - we however were only seeing counts.

GS 5.2 gave us an energy range for the kind of photon emitted and this happened to explain the hither-too unexplained anecdote from Francesco Celani's visit to Rossi's first public demonstration and the claims Rossi himself had made.

NO member of the MFMP knew the internal structure of Rossi's ottoman style ECat - however, our data implied that for 'no observable emissions outside the reactor' he would have to use 50mm of Lead - subsequently it was discovered that this was exactly what he used.

In addition the reaction is claimed by NASA to be stimulated by THz radiation which is sub millimetre IR. So the reasoned argument is this.

Reaction stimulated by THz releases high energy photons, these are thermalised in Lead to THz IR which stimulates primary reaction. The high energy photon source is unknown but may come from fractional hydrogen and/or mass change/binding energy conversion.

Since this is in line with what Rossi has claimed, it is offerred as an explanation. The 1 in 6 out is only a tuned embodiment - it could be 1 in n out where n is either larger or smaller than 6.

It is not that this is an 'official MFMP position' - it is that this is the best potential explanation that can be derived so far from our research (Celani & GS) since 2012 and the historical observations of others - including Rossi to date. It is not focussing on underlying mechanism - but observables.

I take ownership of making the inference and connecting the dots, as someone operating within the scientific method I will of course say that I could be wrong in whole or in part - but our data and that of others must point to something and this is one possible postulation.

I look forward to addressing reasoned criticism of the mechanism based on the data of others.
0 #9 Ascoli65 2016-03-26 12:51
@ Ryan Hunt,

I have some more questions for you regarding 3 different but related items.

1. If you have already had the opportunity and the time to take a look at the documentation of the test of October 6, 2001, I'd like to know your opinion about the possibility that the claimed SSM period could depend exclusively on the massive heat storage capability of the fat (and heavy) cat.

2. Bob Greenyer says since some time that this SSM period is due to a complex mechanism, whose recipe is in short: 1h Thermal > x/β- thermalised in Lead > IR/THz > 5h (SSM). His view seems to be presented as the official position of MSMP. Now, he and you are two of the 6 MFMP's facilitators, so I wonder how the official positions of this organization are established. Are you all 6 entitled to present your own opinion as an MFMP's official position? Or do you preliminary discuss each hypothesis and decide to openly present it, if and only if it is shared at least by most of you? In particular, have you been personally informed in advance about the Bob's conjecture, and did you agree with him?

3. Huw Price, a prominent philosopher from Cambridge University, someone more familiar with rethoric rather than physics, is taking care since few months of the public acceptance of the idea that LENR could be a real and viable energy source. In his last opinion (1), he states that some recent finding "has greatly increased MFMP’s confidence that Rossi does have what he has always claimed". One of my few confidences about CF/LENR, besides that each claimed excess heat comes from measurement errors and wishful thinking (at best), is about the absolute competence and reliability of the HUG team. So, I'd like to know your opinion on the above quoted Price's sentence.

Thank you, and Happy Easter to the HUG team and to all the MFMP volunteers.

(1) aeon.co/.../...
0 #8 Person 2016-03-25 06:31
I have never seen anyhting as wanky as this....
How do you need 30k to develop this... and what is with the crappy marketing video?

It's just wire fencing and tarp.
let me repeat WIRE FENCING AND TARP.
"Hur dur circles are so much more creative than squares"
How about this? NO.

Stop acting like WIRE FENCING and tarp is the best invention since antibiotics!

This kind of crap makes me regret ever donating to MFMP, We expect honestyfrom these people. And the same people give us these kinds of marketing videos. :-|
0 #7 Ascoli65 2016-03-21 17:53
@ Ryan Hunt,

the test was held on October 6, 2011, as published by Mats Lewan on the Swedish newspaper NyTeknik (1). He was also in charge of documenting the technical results, which you can find in a separate report (2) linked in a subsequent NyTeknik article (3). This last also contains many photos of the experimental setup, and lists 3 analyses of the tests made in the meantime by Heffner, Roberson and Higgins.

As I already said to Bob (4), I also performed a my own analysis, with the aim to evaluate if it was possible that the SSM period reported by Lewan could be due to a large metallic mass hidden inside the innermost part of the fat-cat. The results of this numerical analysis (5) fit quite well the trend of the temperature T2 data (those of the water inside the external container) listed in the spread sheet linked in the above article.

My model assumes that inside the inner box of the fat-cat there are just an electric heater (2500 W) surrounded by 40 kg of steel, which, together with other metallic parts, stores enough heat to keep the water boiling for a few hours.

In this hypothesis, there is no need of any lead, because there would be nothing to shield. There are also other reasons to exclude the presence of lead within the inner box, as I had already tried to explain to Bob (6). So there would be no need to take account of any change of phase. The maximum temperatures reached inside the metal mass should be around 700 °C, well below the melting temperature of the steel.

(1) nyteknik.se/.../...
(2) nyteknik.se/.../...
(3) nyteknik.se/.../...
(4) quantumheat.org/.../...
(5) i.imgur.com/FTstZqe.jpg
(6) quantumheat.org/.../...
0 #6 Stephen Cooke 2016-03-21 17:14
Hi Ryan

I thought the pitch on the Kickstarter site was brilliant. It really should take off over there. :-)

I made a donation as I like the idea and the cause too. I think this kind of thing can encourage and help communities a lot.

If I find someone in Europe who would suit this I will let you know but I guess you have your hand full with the US side for now.

All the best with this.

+1 #5 Ryan Hunt 2016-03-21 15:51
@Ascoli65 - I commend you on your extremely well put together post. I'm afraid I am not familiar with the details about the test you reference, but the that would be a very feasible line of testing. A little math would be in order first, incorporating the phase change of lead. Where can I find the most concise explanation of that test?
0 #4 Ryan Hunt 2016-03-21 15:18
@Stephen -The shipping oversees is quite a chunk of money. I hope if we can get them established here that I can then arrange to make them available in Europe, too. Know anyone that wants to set up a manufacturing and sales operation?

@webbie - I see the use of LENR to grow food as an essential step to being able to travel amongst the stars. Of course the improvements available right here int he meantime would be good too. It will take some practice, though, since the winter part of the cycle is important ecologically for most systems. It will be developing a new ecology, basically.
0 #3 webbie 2016-03-18 23:43
Been studying (and practicing) ecological food production for the last 4 years or so. When Rossi mentioned plugging his E-cat X into any source of heat my first thought was compost piles...

I'm not into this kind of raised bed for my rural situation but it does seem great for more urbran community gardens.

It's interesting to see this connection between lenr and growing food. LENR could provide warmth and light and energy to pump water...

I am not sure how I feel about the potential to grow summer crops in the winter using artificial heat and light. Ecologically it feels really weird but at the same time it would reduce our footprint by quite a bit
0 #2 Ascoli65 2016-03-17 18:40
@ Ryan Hunt,

hi, glad to read you again on quantumheat, and my congratulations on your latest initiative. It confirms that you and the HUG team are concrete people who sincerely seek all the ways, even the simplest ones, to address the problems looming in our future. I hope that your initiative is successful, so that you can re-dedicate yourself to experimental verification of LENR devices. Your commendable effort to replicate the Celani cell has been very useful to highlight the real causes behind his controversial calorimetric claims. Your results convinced everyone, those who place their hopes in the reality of LENR, as well as those who deem it impossible. The HUG team conquered the trust of everybody.

Now, as you know, the MFMP is involved in replication attempts of the ecat, in the so-called dog-bone model. Recently, Bob Greenyer claimed to have discovered the physical mechanism justifying the behaviour of some tests held in Bologna in 2011 (1). In particular, he explained in a video (2) how it was possible in the test held October 6, 2011, to maintain for a few hours an ecat in the so-called SSM (self-sustained mode). Bob put this astonishing result (5h (SSM)) at the end of the formula that he, on behalf of MFMP, proposes as a viable solution for ending the carbon age.

But, the module tested on October 6 was the "ottoman" model of the ecat, also known as fat-cat, which weighed almost 100 kg. Many, including myself, believe that the (improper) SSM was simply due to this large mass, which would be capable of storing, during the initial period of electric heating, all the heat necessary to keep the water boiling for a few hours.

That module was one of the 52 modules placed inside the container of the 1 MW plant tested on the 28th of the same month. This last, in turn, was substantially equal to the 1 MW plant recently tested in USA (3). So, I think that would be very significant replicating the results of the October 6 test, which is also considered the most convincing ecat experiment by a direct witness as Mats Lewan (4).

That said, I would submit you a couple of questions:

1. Do you think that the HUG team would be able to build a facsimile of the fat-cat, like, for example, the one I described to Bob a few days ago (5)?

2. Do you think it would be appropriate and useful replicating the October 6 test, in order to better understand the real causes of the claimed SSM period, and provide Bob (and the MFMP followers) with more solid elements to assess the validity of his theory on the functioning of the ecat?

(1) quantumheat.org/.../...
(2) youtu.be/MtTeHU4vBmc
(3) www.journal-of-nuclear-physics .com/.../
(4) e-catworld.com/.../...
(5) quantumheat.org/.../...
0 #1 Stephen Cooke 2016-03-17 12:57
NIce Idea, maybe I will get a couple for my Allotment here in Holland, if I can get them in Europe. Are they only available in the USA at this time?

With 2 ft depth there is maybe some possibilities for future upgradable options too.

Maybe water storage in the centre of each cell etc would be useful .?

Maybe custom cell sized "Green House/ Polly tunnel option"?

Maybe one day it can even have small cheap LENR device for climate control such heating, lighting and water processing.

Imagine how useful something like that would be right now where it is needed. We could have Potatoes (and other fruit and veg) quickly and sustainably grown locally any where: Communities, Deserts, the north pole, Refugee Camps and anyones back yard (maybe even on Mars ;) )

But what I like about it right now its simplicity and portability.

Providing some to community gardens is a great idea. it could really help develop a community spirit in a positive way If everyone grew vegetables like this and shared it in their community.

Good luck to HUG with this venture, and thanks to them also for providing the HUG Net we all follow here.

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