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Live Open Science to be Recognized at Event in Italy (UPDATE #2)

on .

We just found out this week about an effort to honor Live Open Science methodology as a means towards global peace.  It seems to go right along with the other notes on More Open Science I shared recently.  As Celani describes the meaning of Live Open Science "If You want the peace, share knowledge and resources".  


The following is an email from Francesco Celani, today:


Dear Colleagues ( in e CCN )

I wish to inform you that , according to the latest information in the possession of Dr. Claudio Pace, organizer of the conference , the presentation of LOGO regarding the Live Open Science for Peace,
 will be performed by the Vice - President of the European Parliament , the Hon Roberta Angelilli .

* The LOGO is available at:

* Remember that the logo refers to the meritorious and innovative activity and REVOLUTIONARY scientific methodology that is known as the "Live Open Science " .

This procedure was introduced , from ' October 2012 , by a group of researchers of the International

Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project ( MFMP ) .

Their website exclusively scientific, has so far been visited , often with useful "interaction" for the exchange of scientific information , from more than a million Internet users.

The method the Live Open Science was also recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize , 2014, by and by the " blog " by Claudio Peace.

* The event will be held on December 14, 2013 , starting at 09.00 am , at the Hall of Honour of the Palace of the Province of Terni.
* For more information Please send requests to :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I beg you to relay the information reported on .

Thank you for your attention ,

Update #1

The MFMP is very honored by this recognition.  Because none of our team will be able to attend, we composed the following acknowledgement


Update #2:

The logo announcement ceremony did not take place on Saturday because the dignitary that was supposed to present it was delayed by political protests.  The official presentation of the logo has been postponed and will likely happen sometime in mid January in Rome.  We will keep you posted.

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+1 #7 new 2014-06-20 05:54
Thanks for sharing I love Italy I am a Italy fan
+1 #6 artefact 2013-12-18 19:20
OT: Maybe this can be of use for you.

"A professional precision current adapter. Turn your multimeter into a precision measurement tool from picoamps to amps"
+4 #5 Robert Greenyer 2013-12-14 10:32
@Andrew Dardry

Logos can change, we did not design it, but we are happy that there is an effort to recognise the process we have been going through. The watermark was left in the source we had from the person that gave his time freely to design it.

I think it is meant to be something that can be made into fabric embroidery and be touchy feely. Yes the modern world dictates clean lines and curves in monochromatic precision, but these things go in cycles, so is it behind or ahead of the curve - maybe the font could be better chosen, I don't know.

This is Italian design, as is much of the leading LENR research, it is the difference between comfy homely soft furnishings in a cottage and the stark minimalism of a Mies Van-der-Rohe architectural masterpiece. The latter may look awesome, especially in a CG render, but is it somewhere anyone can live in and feel human?

The main point is the sentiment behind the initiative and we are thankful for that.
0 #4 Andrew Dardry 2013-12-13 19:06
To be honest that looks like a 10 yr old designed it! !!! and why has it got lancia comics across it, are the just taking the michael???????? ?
+1 #3 Ecco 2013-12-13 10:12
Was the email translated from Italian? The organizer's surname should be "Pace", not "Peace", although that's what it means in English.
+4 #2 Robert Greenyer 2013-12-13 10:03
@Charlie tapp

Do not do yourself down, you have been an active contributor and that is what matters.

At times we could justifiably be accused of not being as clear as we would like, if the crowd cannot understand what we are doing, we need to communicate better. We are doing what we can in a new way, we see others are starting to operate or consider operating in this manner and we expect and hope that they will do a better job than us of being clear in their openness.

We are honoured that such a senior politician can spare time to appreciate the way we are working. I have new found respect for the EU institutions.
+1 #1 charlie tapp 2013-12-12 23:29
@mfmp pretty cool good luck with the nobel peace prize, does that mean more than a million people have read my not very scientific replys, going to have to step up my lingo

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