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Italian Open Science LENR Effort

Dear Colleagues,

 I ham happy to inform all of You that a NEW organitation, devoted to
study the LENR, was born in Italy at the beginning of September 2013 in

* The organitation follows the style of "open science" as initiated by the
Martin Fleishman Memorial Project.

* The main organiser, up to now, are:
Dr. Luciano Saporito (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Prof. Ugo Abundo (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

* I hope that also such new organitation will give useful results in the
field of LENR (and/or AHE).

Thanks for Your attention,

Francesco CELANI


We are very flattered and grateful that others want to work in a similar manner to us.  We also want to thank Celani, again, for all his support of our work.


Isothermal boxes

We have one isothermal box fully assembled and functional with peltier modules and fans to regulate the temperature around an aluminum box.  The thermistors were all calibrated to each other before being mounted around the aluminum box.  When we set the temperature to 26 C we saw about a 10 minute settling time, about 0.4C variation depending on location, and a very stable tempearute over time.  Then we needed to test it with a heat source inside, so we put in our thrid V1.3 Celani Cell with the Helmholtz coils around it.  Then we needed to troubleshoot some sensors, and that is where we leave it for the weekend.  

Below, Malachi installing the Celani cell in the isothermal box.

Here we see the cell in the coils in the box.  It's starting to look like a complicated apparatus.

From the top it looks pretty cool, too. 

More details on our development of this box are in this Evernote link: Isothermal Box

Because it is still in early development and rapidly changing, we are not publishing data streams for this, yet.


Powder Cells

Our powder cells have taken a bit of a back seat as Wes explains here: Powder in Idle


The Triple Wire test

Over the week we have tried adjusting the calorimeter out of its original operating parameters to be able to allow us to reach 500+C inside the cell.  That worked, at least partly.  We achieved 530C, but the calorimeter was giving us values way off of calibration.   All this time - a whole week- the wire has been in a 1 mbar vacuum.  We have seen little rise in resistance to indicate unloading, though, even at such high temperatures.  Over the weekend we will step the power up over the whole range 3 times and do something of a calibration run, again. We are pretty much assuming we have driven off enough hydrogen to make the wire inactive.  Then next week, we should be able to add hydrogen and see if we see any difference as we explore temperatures up to 500+C. 


Homemade Wire Test

We have, indeed, seem some resistance drop in the wire made here at HUG.  Even in the last 12 hours as we stepped the power up.

Check here for the complete log 



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+1 #4 Malachi Heder 2013-10-17 21:17
@ Ed Pell

The gorgeous pink boxes are not currently performing as well as we had hoped. Our peltier modules do not cool enough when the DUT has 50+ watts on it. We are going to switch out the back foam panel with a new design (no peltiers). This should give us better cooling potential. More updates to come on that.

Those have been consuming our time, but the RGA is about to be baked out and then we should be able to play with it. The home made wire is still in the cell and we are trying to think of ideas for it's next steps.
+1 #3 Edwin Pell 2013-10-17 19:50
Malachi, what is happening? Are the two beautiful box in box Celani calorimeters up? Any happenings on home made wires? How goes the RGA?

Mathieu, what next in France?
+1 #2 Malachi Heder 2013-10-16 16:43
@ All

We are experiencing a few server issues right now. Data may be sparse or nonexistent. We are working to fix this right away.
+2 #1 Robert Greenyer 2013-10-07 11:09
@US Team

Looks lovely!

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