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A watched pot never boils...

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There are currently 4 experiments active in which hydrogen loading is being observed.

  • The V1.3 cells running in differential mode - We are heating and waiting for the second wire to finish loading.   Good Report on Differential Test in the US - Update 3
  • The Multi-wire test with 3 types of Celani wires is starting to load.  The wires with the fewer layers looks to be loading first.  The cell appears tight, so any pressure drop is hydrogren going into the wires. Multi-Wire Test Heating Up
  • Powder Reactor 3 (40 nm nickel powder with 10% Barium Titanate and 18 khz across the powder)  General Powder Update [UPDATE #2 - Loading Cells]
  • and Powder Reactor 4 ( new 40nm Nickel powder) both appear to be soaking up hydrogen


 Below is a quick video giving a tour of the lab, again.


A couple weeks ago when I went on vacation, we saw some very interesting data from the V1.3 cells.  It's kind of the same idea behind a watched pot never boils, right?  So we are going to tempt fate again this week when our entire LENR team goes to visit Coolescence in Boulder Colorado.  The goal of the visit to learn as much as possible about the experiments Coolescence has tried to replicate over the last 8 years and see how we can work together going forward.  As part of the preparations for that, we have updated the experiment overview presentation: MFMP Experiment Overview v2


We'll see you all Friday after the visit and we'll post pictures.

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+1 #1 Ecco 2013-09-09 22:07
Vacuum Bottle (aka Dewar flask) calorimeter in development and Storms 1st in line in a waiting list for a prototype? Interesting.

As for the Helmholtz coils, how much power will be flowing through them? If they do increase an effect, but the rise will be less than the power needed to run the coils, that wouldn't be a very exciting development in my opinion.

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