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Experimentation Overview Now Available

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We have heard (and felt ourselves) how hard it is to keep track of all the various experiments that are going on, now.  To help with that we have put together a presentation that give a light overview of our experimentation.  In addition, we have created an index to the different experiments under the Follow menu.  We hope that helps make things understandable and helps our excellent community of follower continue to give us the feedback and suggestions we need and appreciate so much.

Please check out this presentation for a quick overview of our work to date:  

NEW:  MFMP Experiment Overview



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0 #8 Corné 2013-05-20 12:29
Dear MFMP team members,

Will you do a review of the ecat-report that was published on arXiv ?

As you are in the same line of business (measuring excess heat of a supposed LENR-reaction), I think you are most qualified to evaluate the paper

Greetings, Corné
+3 #7 Robert Greenyer 2013-05-10 10:11

We have now designed out the potential triggers/enviro nmental effects that may have got the December 12/2012 experiments producing apparent excess heat. Given the questions about that single cell design we can not call it incontrovertibl e. We are about honesty and credibility in the pursuit of truth.

Moving forward, we have the Concentric Calorimeter and Steel & Glass (S&G) that are designed to remove many of the doubts, now we need to work in potential trigger/acceler ant/stimulation methods. The differential nature of the S&G is belt and braces. The differential Celani type cells which are maybe 1 week off live v2 protocol runs will add a new aspect of credibility and understanding.

If after later application of a trigger/acceler ant/stimulation method we see excess heat then that could retrospectively validate the earlier findings. The issue is there are so many potential ways that are cited to get these things fired up and that will take a big collaborative effort unless we get lucky. Hence why we want to see more labs working with us to light the New Fire.
+3 #6 Rats 2013-05-09 20:21
Thanks guys for all the summaries. Not trying to take anything away from you guys but I am disappointed we have not seen confirmation of LENR after several months of trying.
+7 #5 James Bryant 2013-05-09 00:02
You mention on the last slide how it would be ideal if one of the commercial entities that are currently working on LENR would share some of their information.

That would be ideal, in an ideal world. However, they certainly must be aware of your noble and zealous efforts unfolding here; yet, where are they? It seems clear to me, that what benefits all mankind and our beloved planet is not foremost on their mind, so much as personal gain; the very same mindset that got us into this global F-ing mess in the first place.

You guys are a new and rare breed who clearly see and deeply feel the bigger picture, and so sacrifice your precious time and personal finances for the benefit of everyone. You all are true heroes in my book! Certainly there are countless others who feel the same way who just have not voiced it.

I love you guys for all that you are doing, and for your openness, honesty and genuine concern.

Keep up the good work.
-2 #4 charlie tapp 2013-05-08 17:29
i would like to see a loaded celani wire with a light bulb hooked in series put into a microwave (outside of course) and turn it on. try different amounts of power and time and see what happens. or mabee even a little bit of the new powder, i know that a light bulb will light up if you put it in a glass of water. mabee the dielectric heating effect will kick it on.
+3 #3 Ecco 2013-05-08 15:49
I think it could be an idea to add to this list, for each replication apparatus:

- Main expected (or found) advantages
- Main expected (or found) disadvantages
- How excess power is calculated

No need to be very detailed here, just a quick summary to understand better why different cells/replicati ons are being attempted over time and at the same time.
+3 #2 Kapytanhook 2013-05-08 06:34
Very nice job, the honesty rocks, that is the real encouraging result to me.

Also a very cleer view of what is going on, even though I visit every few days it is hard to see who is doing what.

Keep up the good work.
0 #1 Ecco 2013-05-07 23:13
Thanks for this summary; although overall results haven't been very encouraging, future cells and proposals look interesting.

About the V2.0 protocol (vacuum): I'm thinking that if, following recent discussions, it turns out that triggering is important for any real excess heat to show, then removing gaseus hydrogen from the cells is likely to make it even harder to detect.

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