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Most of the necessary part to build back Cell#2 alias EU Cell are here. As Ryan published earlier, I had to change all the internal parts of the cell and restart form clean new. I had to change the tube and the flanges anyway!

Almost the entire new design is glue free. I only need one ceramic glue spot to maintain the assembly together. The use of a reduced thickness mica (1.5mm) will increase the surface of "regeneration" of the active wire in case we need to do it. Because it will less act as a heat sink, conducting thermal energy through the mica.

By the way, this "regeneration" process consist in increasing rapidly the temperature of the wire during a short time under atmospheric condition in order to oxidize the copper that travelled on the surface and make it bubbly. This help to let the hydrogen absorption recover and brake the insulation layer of copper created after intensive heating.

Aside of this, I was pretty disappointed by the quality of the work made by my scientific glassblower that made the preparation of the tube. I wanted to use exactly the same tube as Celani is using. He strongly suggested to do it, because the brand is known to be stronger under pressure and temperature conditions and it thermalises infrareds just right.

As you can see the edges of the tube is too rought to maintain a good pressure/vacuum. The surface must have a better polish.


ETA of Cell#2 is estimated around Tuesday 27th. First Calibrations should be pubished by next Thursday.


0 #12 wookie 2012-11-25 00:43
what did just happened ?
+2 #11 Mitch 2012-11-24 17:42
Thank you to all involved. As a fascinated bystander, I am grateful that you are sharing your work on the net, and I truly believe you are modeling the future of citizen-based science.
0 #10 Remi André 2012-11-23 20:05
Thank you for your kind answer. I will be very pleased to see the device running just in front of me.

I'll recontact you in mid december. Moving to Switzerland is not a problem for me as I work in Lausanne.
+1 #9 Nicolas Chauvin 2012-11-23 15:13

Mid December, the European cell will move to Switzerland, just across the lake from Evian.
I propose you to come and visit at that time.
+2 #8 Robert Greenyer 2012-11-23 04:17

We have learnt and are learning so much from the US cell such as the affect of variability and variables. The valuable lessons that are coming from the experimentation are driving improvements in software, hardware and protocol. It is an engaging process to watch and be a part of and the help we are getting from kind people such as yourself is enabling us explore every aspect.

The US cell is continuing to produce interesting data that is valuable and that can be learned from. Whilst we are aware of some of the things that might adversely be affecting the experiment - they are difficult to implement without taking the cell apart and right now there are a number of valuable experiments that we can still carry out with the current configuration intact.

Hence, much of the learning is being transferred to the EU cell. I suspect that there will be times when both cells are running concurrently but the beauty of having multiple cells in operation is that there can be continuity in the learning and improvement of the experimentation . I expect that the cells will be leapfrogging each other as we go forward and even as the EU cell is sparking back into life, there are modifications being discussed for the US cell, like multiple power supplies and mica that will not outgas.

So, yes, the EU cell will be closer to Celani's experiment in that it will, for instance, have Borosilicate glass.

Imagine how fast the experiment and scientific understanding will advance when there are 5 - 12 cells collaborating (or more!).
0 #7 Rats 2012-11-22 23:48
Am I right in saying the running of the Celani2 cell will closely follow Celani's own tests?
0 #6 Remi André 2012-11-22 20:40
Congratulations for the great job you're currently doing. By the way would it be possible to visit your installation ? I am located in Evian.

Thank you !
+1 #5 Mathieu Valat 2012-11-22 18:32
Thank you Ged! I miss this warm occasion to share with beloved people.

@Ecco: Yes there will be!

@David: We already had an issue with this previously, so I tend to say it is not likely as you woud expect.
0 #4 David Jones 2012-11-22 17:41
The ends if the tube need to be flamed to obtain a good seal

This should be standard practice for a scientific glass blower - if your glass-blower does not know how to do this I suggest you find another
0 #3 Ecco 2012-11-22 17:23
Will there be realtime data for the EU cell?

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