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So you want to really help get the fire started?
Frustrated that you have so much to offer the project?
This is your home. Here you will soon find a range of projects related to the MFMP. Each mini project will have a defined goal and the mode of working will be live and open.

How do I take part?

  • Set up a Gmail account
  • Register on the QuantumHeat forum and using your Gmail address
  • Put yourself forward for a particular project giving an overview of the skills you have relevant to the project by sending us a mail using the green "+" to the right or from within the document itself at the top upper right (include your Gmail address in both cases).

You will then be given access to the LIVE linked google docs associated with the mini project and be able to start collaborating.

People who are not actively working on the mini project can still watch the projects documents evolve and do research and post contributions in the comments.

Radiation Instrumentation

Written by Ryan Hunt on .

If there are atomic interactions going on, high energy radiation is a really good clue.  It is something that is well

We would like to add Geiger-Muller type radiation measurements to our standard instrumentation.

The easiest way to make it integrated with the instrumentation and live data feed is to find, modify, or build an instrument that can put out an analog voltage signal

Questions for the collaborators:

Can we find a model of Geiger-Muller counter with an analog output?

Can we modify a design to output one?

What is the best way to calibrate one?

What kinds and energies of radiation can we expect to measure with our apparatus?

Let’s add some good meat here about the types of radiation and best tools for measuring it.


RADIATION INSTRUMENTATION DOCUMENT (Contact us to be included in the project)

READ ONLY VERSION (for non project members)

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0 #1 Andrzej (Andrew) 2013-03-31 15:14
Please find the spec for the detector I've got at www.pelczar.com.pl/.../

My CV is avaiable at www.andrew.pelczar.com.pl/.../