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Dr Bob


Dr Bob is the mascot of Cold Fusion / The New Fire and very popular with children. He has been a supporter of MFMP since we first started with his positive friendly attitude and help raising both awareness and funds. Bob also assisted Mathieu a bit on assembling some devices in our french laboratory. 

Bob himself claims to be Martin Fleischmann cloned as a dog in a secret underground laboratory in Russia. Supposedly he was sent back through time to save the world from pollution. According to himself it`s forbidden to clone humans in the future so the laboratory had to mix human DNA with 50% Shi-Tzu DNA which led to some unwanted side effects - for example an obsession for chewing loose wires and sniffing on glue. 

Except for his groundbreaking work on Cold Fusion /The New Fire, Bob is also known to have been one of the first in the world to promote Google Glasses and perform Pole Dancing to collect money for scientific research. He was also the first Cold Fusion scientist to work in the Asteroid Mining Industry.

Dr. Bob website: http://www.drboblog.com/


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0 #1 Bill Katakis 2018-01-15 00:30
Hi Dr. Bob,,

I'm the guy who sent you the two NASA links and patent app from 9/2017. Recently a link was posted on the wiki for cold fusion, on the "talk" tab, to a bad effort by Jet Propulsion Lab's, Nasa paid effort to replicate the NASA Glenn work, JPL actually hit the prepared deuterated fuel with an ion beam. Almost all of the paper linked to is the effort #1 by JPL, which they botched by not using the same narrow beam x-ray tube, and exposed the DPE to an ion beam in order to neutralize static charge so it wouldn't attract Radon and Radon decay daughters which they say were responsible for the alpha and beta emissions that NASA Glenn saw. JPL does mention the fact that Glenn did use controls and that the controls didn't emit alpha and beta while the Deuterated fuel did emit. The second effort by JPL , using a better x-ray tube is only referred to on the last 1 or 2 pages. It seems possible that JPL destroyed the fuel by exposure to an ion beam in order to neutralize static charge and eliminate Radon/daughters that were not verified to even exist before x-ray exposure. Would you expect an ion beam to negatively affect the DPE fuel? Here is the link