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Czech, 28 years old

Support of University Research Centre, The Future of Engineering Studies Project, PhD student of Thermodynamics, Applied Sciences in Engineering
Masters of Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Thermodynamics (Brno University of Technology, Brno, CZ)


Lenka studied Environmental Engineering and Thermodynamics at one of two best technical universities in the small country in the heart of Europe. She decided to continue on studies with her PhD in coorporation with newly builded research centre there. Besides that, she got involved in things around research and education from giving presentations to 200 people to washing dishes and leaflet campaign in masks.

Lenka has been always interested in science and energy, independence, discovery and sustainable life. She gave her time and effort into several volunteering projects which made sense to her, from reconstruction and organic farming to activities for international students and writing university newsletter.

Her life is full of unexpected meetings and adventure stories. She tried sky diving, flying, pole dancing in the metro, scuba diving, sleeping with machine guns at 1938 war bunkers, traveling through Europe with few coins in her pocket. That's how she found about excitement of the New Fire project. While searching for some working experience abroad and meaningful project for the summer, engineering volunteering at HUG was the best option she could devote her time into. She got an opportunity to learn everything from analyzing data, calculating, assembing, wiring, testing, website work, sweeping. She enjoyed all of that and wish to come again soon.

She is amazed by concept of Live Open Science and progress which have been made by it and want to help open minded people connect and contribute through it.

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