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Have we actually replicated Celani or any other technology?

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Every Celani experiment we have run, we have replicated what Celani found in the resistance dropping (R/R0) changes in his wire when loading with Hydrogen. In many of the rest of the experiments we have seen some evidence of of PXs on the same basis as Celani’s findings, however, as it was a replication of Celani’s experimental design, there were many ways in which it can be criticised and the apparent PXs dismissed – none more so than gas pressure and composition questions and related convection and conduction issues.

We have developed a number of calorimeters and cells some of which have been passed over and currently have:

  • Improved celani type (we call V1.3) and we are gearing up to run 4 of these in 2 differential experiments in US and France (Mathieu and Ryan)

    Additions to the Lab
  • 2 X very much improved and flexible cell made of steel and glass that is suitable for hydrostatic bath and mass flow fluid calorimetry, we are gearing up these in a differential test in Switzerland (Nicolas)

    Steel and Glass Cell
  • New concentric calorimeter designed for highly accurate experiments with both wires and powders.

    Concentric Calorimeter

These most recent versions will be available on the site and will allow 3rd parties to join the project testing nano powders – but significant legal liability issues need to be resolved.

If we replicate the approximate PXs Celani saw in the V2 vacuum protocol for just 275mg of wire (a fraction of which is actually the nano structured Nuclear Active Environment) in the up and coming differential tests, we will be happy with that – especially if the more accurate steel and glass and concentric calorimeters prove positive also. The V2 protocol removes the gas issues and allows loading and triggering temperatures to be reached with much lower input power than we used before.

Celani considers our effort replication – but we are mindful of the questions raised by scientists and our followers and we are addressing them so the confidence level can rise.