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What organisations or companies are involved?

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The facilitators bring to the table resources from their related companies to help give the non profit a boost in resources such as financial, labour and facilities. The companies are either owned directly by the facilitators or their families.

Hunt Utilities Group (HUG)

HUG, Based in Pine river Minnisota and owned by Paul Hunt, father of facilitator Ryan Hunt, they have provided significant capital, engineering, technical, labour and premises resources and are the host facility for the first replication site in the US. They are a principal engineering partner of the MFMP and additionally provide the data acquisition hardware and software based solution for the Live publishing of the projects data. HUG has an interest in furthering this science to a point where there are off-grid energy solutions available for the public’s general consumption.


Based in Switzerland and owned by facilitator Nicolas Chauvin, it provides office and lab resources to the MFMP as well as engineering expertise. LENR Cars wants to see the day when the general public has access to practical LENR powered vehicles.

GreenChild Image Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (

GCIS based in Kerala southern India, is a 3D design and smart device programming operation owned by facilitator Bob Greenyer and his business partner Ian Childers. They have been providing finance, graphic and web design and marketing resources to the project. GCIS wants to see the technology enable affordable cooking, water purification and agricultural water supply solutions made available across the world to reduce the destruction of forests, mineral resource locations and related damage to flora and fauna.