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Can I buy a cell or experimental set-up?

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Cells will be available following our initial internal replications, first as part of our kickstarter funding campaign at a discount and then on Quantumheat.org. They are provided for decorative and experimental purposes depending on the desires of the organisation or individuals buying them. Any proceeds over and above reasonable manufacturing costs from partners will contribute the the aims of the MFMP.

There will be three types of cell available, one Celani type for testing wires and better suited to some types of potential triggering methods, another, called the Concentric Calorimeter that is suitable for testing wires and nano powder/catalyst mixtures. The last cell type will be based on the Steel and Glass cells and be quite flexible for both material under test and triggering/stimulation methods.

For those that do not have instrumentation and power supply solutions, there will also be available a power driver, data acquisition and broadcasting pack, so that purchasers of the cells can join the replication effort.