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High Voltage Sparky Powder Cell

High Voltage SPARK CellDescription:

A first generation of nano powder cell activated by Dr. Stoyan Sargoytchev's (Sarg) sparker. This cell is very similar to the current working cell, containing nano nickel and hydrogen. We have removed the thermo well in the powder area and added a high voltage pass-through with a nickel electrode through the top.

Location: USA   USflag

Project leader: Ryan Hunt

Time span: July 2014 - Now

Current progress: Installed and Calibrating


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Design Components

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A vertical cell assembly that fits into an outer vacuum chamber that will connect to our vacuum pump via the filter. As before, we have a .5" OD stainless tube that will contain the nano nickel powder. Outside of this tube, at the mid powder height will be a Nichrome heating element and and an RTD, embedded in Resbond 919. Buried in the powder will be a bare 3/32" Thoriated Tungsten TIG welding electrode. Wherever this electrode is exposed to the powder, we will maintain a distance equal or greater to the radius of the tube in all directions (.2 inches). Above the exposed portion, the tungsten rod will be insulated with ceramic tube. Where the tungsten enters the ceramic tube we will seal with Resbond 919. Layers (donuts) of 1/8" thick ceramic felt will hopefully assist in keeping the ceramic encapsulated tungsten electrode centred, and perhaps keep most of the nickel in place when "excited" by the high voltage sparking and gassing/degassing.

Above the powder, we will again have 2 RTDs for differential calorimetry on the 1/2" tube.

Above the cell, we have a CF "T" to provide for vacuuming and gassing the inner cell.

We have a CF flange mounted High Voltage pass-through to install above the "T". For $120 it will offset a lot of labour of construction and the concern of a leak. The intent is to braze or silver solder the pass-through electrode to the tungsten rod.
Sparky cell design components


Detailed information about design components

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