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Powder Cell

Powder Cell   Description:

 Cell with QSI nano powder

 Location: USA   USflag

 Project leader: Ryan Hunt

 Time span: June 2014 - Now

 Current progress: Experiment tests, changing parameters

 Experiment Notes

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Design Components

on .

CF Flanges - McMaster or Kurt Lesker - accessories (caps, gaskets and bolts) on the bottom of page in link

Vacuum Chamber

Part Number:



Nipple, Full, 10 " OAL, CF 2-3/4" CF Fixed, Thru Holes, CF 2-3/4" CF Fixed, Thru Holes 1 1/2" OD Tube

Price as configured:



Custom nipples will ship in 7 working days for quantities up to 5. For quantities greater than 5, delivery will be confirmed at point of order.


This is a no-cancel, no-return item. Please make sure your configuration is correct before continuing.

Swagelok Fittings - ½” to ¼” swagelok tube fitting adapter

Thermocouples - Omega  KMQSS-020U-12

Heater Wire - Nichrome heating wire from HUG Clean room.  24 or 30 BNC.

Fiberglass insulation sleeving -

Reactor Chamber - ½” diameter SS tube.  2” section for now.

Reactor Plumbing - Everything else will be plumbed with ¼” SS tube.

Pressure Sensor - One for reactor pressure and one for vacuum.  We will scavenge an Omega 0-200 psia from another reactor.  We may need to use the TMD to achieve the best level of insulation.  We need to get past 10-3 torr.

Valves - We will need valves, quarter turn and needle type.  These will be swagelok valves that we already have.

Platinum RTD’s

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