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Powder Cell

Powder Cell   Description:

 Cell with QSI nano powder

 Location: USA   USflag

 Project leader: Ryan Hunt

 Time span: June 2014 - Now

 Current progress: Experiment tests, changing parameters

 Experiment Notes

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on .

As part of the MFMP powder test initiative, we are looking for a test cell with the following requirements:

  • Practical and cost effective to make, in case it works and we want many copies
  • Capable of containing 5 grams of powder
  • (roughly 4+ cc volume at 1.2 g/cc density)  
  • Capable of handling very high vacuums for the purpose of degassing the powder.
  • Capable of 20+bar of Hydrogen (several hundred psi)
  • Temperatures up to 500C
  • Provide for external heating of the cell and powder
  • Internal and external temperature measurements
  • Provisions for spark triggering
  • Provisions for magnetic pulse triggering, etc
  • Include a plan for precision calorimetry (+/- just a few milliwatts)
  • Plan for detecting Gamma rays or Tritium as an indication of nuclear activity

The whole background on this new cell:

Note about new cell background and preparation

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