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Powder Cell

Powder Cell   Description:

 Cell with QSI nano powder

 Location: USA   USflag

 Project leader: Ryan Hunt

 Time span: June 2014 - Now

 Current progress: Experiment tests, changing parameters

 Experiment Notes

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Pictoral Diagram

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 Sensor locations for Powder Calorimeter

RTD_1 (Cold): 2.4 cm from top flange
RTD_2 (Hot): 7.8 cm from top flange, reflects the temperature gradient inside the setup
TC_1 (Heater): Located between the outside of the reactor cell and the heater coil
TC_2 (Well): At the same level as TC_1, this is the part of the vacuum that is surrounded on the sides by the reactor cell
TC_3 (Outside): Located between the outer layer of the cell and the two layers of tubing
T_Amb: Ambient reading taken on HUGnet board approximately 4 ft from the cell
T_Top Flange: Located underneath the layers of small tubing on the surface of the top flange
Powder cell detail

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