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So you want to really help get the fire started?
Frustrated that you have so much to offer the project?
This is your home. Here you will soon find a range of projects related to the MFMP. Each mini project will have a defined goal and the mode of working will be live and open.

How do I take part?

  • Set up a Gmail account
  • Register on the QuantumHeat forum and using your Gmail address
  • Put yourself forward for a particular project giving an overview of the skills you have relevant to the project┬áby sending us a mail using the green "+" to the right or from within the document itself at the top upper right (include your Gmail address in both cases).

You will then be given access to the LIVE linked google docs associated with the mini project and be able to start collaborating.

People who are not actively working on the mini project can still watch the projects documents evolve and do research and post contributions in the comments.

Kickstarter pitch live document

Written by Robert Greenyer on .

We are starting to refine to pitch document to take on board what has been discussed in this past week. Below you can look at the current live version. If you want to be a contributing editor, please put ourself forward in the normal ways including sending an email using the gree "+" on the right.

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0 #1 EricC 2014-04-22 19:08
Having reached out for donations for honest causes, I'll provide something to consider in the pitch. You are essentially asking for a mass of people to make (at least) small contributions, of the size that it is personally inconsequential . Factoring that with broad participation you as a team reach high goals, with little financial distress on the part of the donors. It's nice. But some people (skeptical) may read your pitch and think about how it may be a scam. They forget that you aren't asking for a large minimum, but an amount congruent with their faith in your work. They (subconciously perhaps) focus on the amount of funds you are "deceiving" people into giving (even though they may have given so little as not to care if they were deceived). They forget about the upshot of the work if it isn't a scam. And so these skeptics are unwilling to give a few pounds of alms your way, out of spite. But they wouldn't see a problem throwing it to lottery schemes. It is a problem with the pysche.