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TOPIC: saw the MH370 theory a week ago, now binging MFMP

#1631 4 months 2 weeks ago
saw the MH370 theory a week ago, now binging MFMP

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My name is Toon Peeters, and I'm an electrochemical research engineer in the Netherlands. There, doxxed myself.

I'm a big fan of the Lore Lodge, where a week ago Ashton Forbes showed up to talk about the abduction theory, kind of relying on the plasmoids. The reason I really like the lore lodge is that Aidan is super super thorough, and even when he knows something is one way or another, he's really good at pointing out conventional hangups. Ashton did the same thing, pointing out wherever possible what possible objections anybody could have, and how it made sense. He did make some (what seemed to me to be) logical jumps between the plasma shroud and gravitational shielding, but then again i studied applied materials sciences, not high energy physics. I happen to know some electro stuff from working in electrochemistry, but magnetism, no clue.

Soon after i dove into the MHMP rabbit hole and left all the conspiracy theory stuff behind. I'm not saying it didn't happen, the video has a really strong pedigree it seems, but it's also almost too surreal. But then again, so is ball lightning. I've been binging on the longer videos ever since, putting a 3hr podcast on at 2x speed to get through it quicker. The observations collected thus far are incredibly interesting and also show a lot of different behaviors of these EVOs. I was wondering if there is a good summary of collected works so far, a nexus of sorts, where the concept of an EVO can get a good solid footing, some examples can be shown, and from there on out some appliccable technologies can be showcased? I'd be really interested to see it, or if possible help making it. I'm also interested to get more involved in the experimentation and processing of samples/data, as I have some time on my hands. And a SEM, for as long as i'm working where i'm working now.

So yeah, does anybody have a sort of summary? I'd really like to see if there's something like a "state of the union", but a "state of the research" summary. If there isn't, who do I have to approach to get started on making a presentation for that. I'd really like this to be a topic that can be introduced without invoking alchemy and UFOs, at least in the first hour.
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