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TOPIC: Tungsten Reactor

#908 4 years 10 months ago
Tungsten Reactor

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I have been wondering for quite some time about tungsten with respect to LENR and Rossi in particular. Rossi has specifically said that he uses tungsten for both radiological shielding and conversion of x and gamma photons to heat. But WHERE IS IT??? I don't see anything in the various photos of the Hot Cat that show anything external to it that could be such shielding.

The implication of the lack of external tungsten implies to me that the tungsten is INTERNAL to the "Cat" (i.e. inside the alumina tube). Yet, as far as I can tell, none the attempted replications has included any tungsten in any form. For shielding purposes in the Hot Cat, the best geometry is a tube of tungsten adjacent to the inside wall of the alumina tube, with the active nickel powder and other elements inside both alumina and tungsten tubes.

Could it be this tungsten reactor element that is the missing link necessary to reach high levels of COP??? Especially in light of the experimental work by Irving Langmuir with tungsten and hydrogen which showed "over unity" performance???

In light of this, I am going to propose a theoretical reactor design that could serve as a versatile general "test bed" for LENR experimentation, as well as test the possibility of tungsten acting as a "performance amplifier" for solid phase Ni/H expermentation.

The basic reactor would comprise a tungsten tube inside a sapphire tube. Both tubes supported at the ends by Swagelok fittings. The tungsten tube would be heated directly by passage of a low voltage high amperage electric current. Both the inside and the outside of the tungsten would be "purgable" by gas flows, the exterior (space between tungsten and sapphire) probably by Argon, and the interior by either reactant hydrogen or argon.

Control of the tungsten temperature would be by means of opto-electrical sensing using a quartz optical fiber rather than a thermocouple.
(Circuitry to do this has been around since the development of furnace atomic absorption reactors in the mid-1970's)

Data collection by Optris cameras should be straightforward.....the optical emission characteristics of tungsten are probably better known than for any other material, and the optical transmission properties of sapphire are also well known. So there shouldn't be any worries about "transmissivity errors".

The Swagelok end connectors may (and probably will) need to be water-cooled.

Being retired, I don't have access to the necessary equipment or space to build a gizmo like this, but have practical hands-on experience with such devices.
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#954 11 months 2 weeks ago
Tungsten Reactor

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#987 8 months 1 day ago
Tungsten Reactor

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