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The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project is a group dedicated to researching Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (often referred to as LENR) while sharing all procedures, data, and results openly online. We rely on comments from online contributors to aid us in developing our experiments and contemplating the results. We invite everyone to participate in our discussions, which take place in the comments of our experiment posts. These links can be seen along the right-hand side of this page. Please browse around and give us your feedback. We look forward to seeing you around Quantum Heat.

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TOPIC: Making a Replica

#749 9 years 3 weeks ago
Making a Replica

Dylan NL's Avatar
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Hi there,
First of, I want to thank you all for having everything open-source

Second :
Well.. My name is Dylan I'm a 20 years old IT-er living in the Netherlands, I've recently been busy with all different kinds of project to figure out the most efficient way to produce electricity, after sometime working with magnets flywheels ect. i came across the LENR, i already knew about the existence of it but never thought I'd be working on it.

The last couple of weeks I've done nothing but learning about Celani's Project and its history.
Now its time for me to actually make one, experiment with it and maybe make some changes.
But before i start of ordering a bunch of materials i need some sort of DIY (do it yourself)

So on to my question.. is there anyone that maybe has some sort of DIY for the V1.3 for me?
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#750 9 years 3 weeks ago
Making a Replica

Dylan NL's Avatar
Karma: 0
i Think i've got it now.
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#754 9 years 2 weeks ago
Making a Replica

bob's Avatar
Karma: 14
Are you looking for the schematics for the cell?

The wire is a non-trivial process to make which is not entirely defined by Celani, but there is a patent and other details available.

What we know is that it starts with 200um block constantan, put through a series of heating cycles to oxidise surface metals and then processes like abrasion with 15nm silica sol gel and Nitric acid etching.

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