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The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project is a group dedicated to researching Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (often referred to as LENR) while sharing all procedures, data, and results openly online. We rely on comments from online contributors to aid us in developing our experiments and contemplating the results. We invite everyone to participate in our discussions, which take place in the comments of our experiment posts. These links can be seen along the right-hand side of this page. Please browse around and give us your feedback. We look forward to seeing you around Quantum Heat.

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TOPIC: A Comforting Flame

#495 9 years 3 months ago
A Comforting Flame

JamesThomas's Avatar
Karma: 4
Most every day, I awaken to a world of humanity which seems to be free falling into a direction of annihilation and harm to all life.

Indeed there are some healthy and positive things, but, sadly, on the whole, the majority of news is heart-breaking. Perhaps, the more caring and sensitive we are, the more our nerves are naked to the the pain. But then...

Like moths drawn to a flame, we gather here and to places and people like this that reflect the very same warm and caring light.

Right here is one of the most open, healthy and globally compassionate flows of energy that I have ever seen. You just know that this tiny pool of healthy elixir can be a healing agent to the entire ocean.

So, I donate every month what little is available, knowing it is money very, very well spent.

Thanks to everyone for opening this opportunity to make a positive difference.

You make the mornings brighter.
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#496 9 years 3 months ago
A Comforting Flame

bob's Avatar
Karma: 14
Hi James,

That is a wonderful and generous sentiment you have penned there and reflects your nature handsomely.

We are doing what we can and the meaningful contributions that you give, help make things possible and spur us onwards to try our best to get to the bottom of this mystery. We have to have faith that their is truth in the claims and statements of others to hope that we can assist bringing the benefits of this technology forward.

There is a gathering momentum of patents and players coming forward in this space and many of these people are no fools. We believe there are many people that want and can take a really active role in the primary research and that is where our Kickstarter is settling. We are in the process of quantifying the component cost and establishing the return to the project funds of distributing cells for people to experiment with. We expect to conclude this soon and launch our main fundraising.

With this technology being explored far and wide, we feel that it will prevent the chance of a political block or country using exclusive access to it to perpetrate injustice and so it is the best chance that this technologies potential will be focussed on peaceful deployment.

We aim to respect your sacrifice. Thankyou again.
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