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TOPIC: Car/truck as publicity stunt

#252 9 years 2 weeks ago
Car/truck as publicity stunt

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Once electricity is achieved even in low amounts, it might be conceivable to power a car with a trailer load of apparatus supplying the energy (or a truck). With higher amounts of electricity then perhaps all the apparatus can fit in a trunk.

The car could travel from coast to coast (multiple times) without the need to refuel.

This would obviously be a popular publicity stunt.

A car would still need to stop for washroom breaks, food.

A motor home could do this non stop with washroom facilities and food on board. The back bedroom could also be converted into a LENR/Generation station to fuel the batteries.

Another practical option if electricity becomes abundant is to create hydrogen on board. Most cars/trucks on the road today can run on hydrogen with simple conversion from gas.

This is purely an idea for an effective publicity stunt.

LENR could also be used to heat a blimp in the air traversing the skies for similar distances.

Good-Luck to all on this project.

I hope this Project is a valid attempt to prove LENR.

The world is counting on this Project and it is a great initiative.

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