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TOPIC: Any chance of a quick summary?

#409 7 years 9 months ago
Any chance of a quick summary?

rats123's Avatar
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I'm struggling to follow what's going on. It appears 3 cells are in operation and 2 of them were showing excess power but now have tailed off to 0. The euro cell appears active again and is showing P_xs over 7W. However once again it appears to be synced with T_ambient.

Can we draw any conclusions from the results we're seeing?
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#410 7 years 9 months ago
Any chance of a quick summary?

bob's Avatar
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Hi Rats,

We have had 5 out of 5 wires tested show evidence of loading in the way Celani has described.

We have seen good results from EU cell which is much closer to Celani's original with both 350 and 2 layer wires. We need to find time to write up the calibration and PXs basis for current EU cell - as this is not done, we are not paying too much attention to what it is saying at the moment - but we are sill publishing the live data. We are aware of the transient ambient oscillation but view this as a sort of mini test of pressure/temp variation - something interesting may happen.

After we have done Roberson time domain protocol we will be running a whole plethora of tests on the US cells, which will include running it in the power configuration similar to the EU cell runs. We now understand that Piantelli claims that Argon kills LENR and if this is true - this may help explain why results in active runs in US have been lower to date as Argon has been used there but not in the EU.

We are about to start testing in the AFC (for environment control) the steel cell, initial calibrations pending. This will help us know if we can increase Signal to Noise ratio by better controlling thermal loss.

The net result is we are very encouraged and are finalising a 3 way test plan at the moment with 3 identical cells that learn from everything we have done so far. At the moment - it will be something like this

1. New EU cell - 1 Celani wire, 1 braided nichrome heating wire
2. Non active US cell - only 1 braided nichrome heating wire
3. An active US cell with more passive Celani wire inside

This will allow for differential testing and also passive testing. A dud cell and supercharged active cell will be in the same environment in the US.

This will help us to establish if the effect can scale passively. It will help us show direct active and non active cells in same environments.

We may try to "Kill" the active cells by using some of the claimed methods after the "successful" run is complete - If the "killing" works, after sufficient settle time - it should be clear if there was something going on before.

This work will form the core of what is needed for the Kickstarter

A similar differential test is planned with further generations of steel cells, but with some fluid based calorimeters.

+ bonus stuff!
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#487 7 years 6 months ago
Any chance of a quick summary?

Sparky's Avatar
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Created in a new topic with an accurate heading.
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