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TOPIC: Ni-H and other chances

#355 11 years 6 months ago
Ni-H and other chances

Bernhard's Avatar
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A highly respect your work and hope your NI-H experiment ist successful. But to be sceptic isn't wrong and i think you should leave a possibility open Celani's wire can't produce excess heat. I say this because maybe Celani has done faults by calibrations. "Maybe" means, this is not absolutly clear at this moment! Celani's experiment was investigated in the past by a few swiss people at the CERN, statement was "we could not find excess heat" here is the link:

Well how it is, if Cenai is wrong this does not mean Ni-H ist dead completly, but not many people works with Ni-H experiment's and reports "excess heat" just some Italien sientist's; Focardi, Celani, Habel, Piantelli and Andre Rossi.

On the other way, many around the world world saw "transmutations" they don't used Ni and Hydrogen. Impressive are the analysys from the US-Navy laboratory in Missouri. This experiment could replicated by e few others.

Maybe a next project for you? Using PdCl and LiCl Solution, a magnetic field, they saw a very strong reaction. Here is the link:

Merry Chrismas and a happy new fire!
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#356 11 years 6 months ago
Ni-H and other chances

sunny's Avatar
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Dear Bernhard,

In the CERN paper you are citing basic phenomena of hydrogen absorption in metals are missing. The authors do not give details about how the oxide layer on the nickel rod surface is removed before testing the rod. Nor give the authors information about the degree of hydrogen saturation. I presume the absorption level reached in these tests is far below hydrogen absorption levels which would produce nickel hydride platelets (Ni-H2 platelets) within the metal.

Hydrogen absorption and desorption is a bit more complex than considered in this paper.
My conclusion is that this CERN paper does not help in assessing the potential of observing anomalous heat.

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