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Plan Steps

Geschrieben von Ryan Hunt am .

At this point, we have 2 Celani inspired test cells built, the second of which is completing its calibration before being sent to Europe. These are more advanced in that they are built with fused quarts to withstand higher temperatures and pressures.

It is open - we are sharing daily what we are up to and will publish reactor designs also.

The purpose of the first 2 reactors is to multiply replicate, within MFMP, Celani's work. This is due diligence - we need to be certain that our gen 2 reactors will work as described in the live experiments in a plug and play fashion. We will then work with respected bodies to design a reactor for multiple certified 3rd party replication that will silence the critics of the New Fire. The aim is to remove the barriers to investment in all areas of this technology. Once it is incontrovertibly proven - there will be a wall of private and government money flooding to anyone that has any experience in this field. We want to break the dam for everyone.

Post breaking the dam - or even if others break the dam, we aim to support participants and provide education to all of the tech and advance its dissemination and accelerate its adoption.

To clarify:

Our current path is as follows.

  1. Characterise wires with SEM before testing.
  2. Test the first two reactors in US and EU at the same time and with the same active and control protocols, drive, data acquisition and other emission monitoring to establish for ourselves that the effect is real and worth further exploration. The results will be made available very quickly if not live and available for all to analyse.
  3. Work with a respected body to assess more accurately the behaviour of the reactor/wires in the best way possible and cross correlate with our own measurement methodology.
  4. Analyse wires post reaction
  5. Use experience gained in 1 - 3 and the assistance of respected authorities in the field to develop an advanced higher temperature and pressure 2nd generation reactor with integrated approved calorimetry solution.
  6. Socially fund a significant number of these 2nd generation reactors that will be loaned for free to the most capable and respected institutions around the globe as recommended by respected persons and voted on by the contributors to the funding process.
  7. Send a media team to each location to live stream the installations and meet the scientists performing the standardised tests. The entire test configuration is plug and play and will publish data live to the web and tools will be made available to live analyse the data by anyone. The test will be required to be run for a set amount of time.
  8. Institutions will then have the option to further study the cell - they will have the option to use whatever equipment they choose and take it where they want to - pressure, temp, excitation, control, analysis etc. within the limits of the reactors design and at their own risk. They will however be required to publish all results openly via the MFMP.