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The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project is a group dedicated to researching Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (often referred to as LENR) while sharing all procedures, data, and results openly online. We rely on comments from online contributors to aid us in developing our experiments and contemplating the results. We invite everyone to participate in our discussions, which take place in the comments of our experiment posts. These links can be seen along the right-hand side of this page. Please browse around and give us your feedback. We look forward to seeing you around Quantum Heat.

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The excitement around here is only matched by the intense collaboration.  I feel like we are pioneering not only a new energy possibility, but also, a new possibility for the way science is done in the internet age.

Before we started this phase of the experiment this morning, we already had followers anticipating it on any number of LENR blog sites.

As we fired it up, we had Bob, Nic, Julian, and Mat on a Google Hangout watching live and updating the web.

For the last two hours we have been crunching data like mad, watching the data, and answering calls.  Malachi was here trying out the other data points for a cleaner calibration curve and troubleshooting software issues with Scott, our programming guru.

Mathieu, meanwhile, was fielding a call from Francesco Celani offering a few more good suggestions about ways to achieve better loading if needed later.  

And as the data comes out, we are sharing our spreadsheets.


And the data is coming in live to the whole team.  This is right at a new step in the power as it went up to 13W.


I don't know about the rest of you, but this level of international, real time collaboration on this science is thrilling.  And it's a highly recommendable way to spend one's birthday.  


0 #16 Jim Johnson 2012-11-12 20:51
Happy Birthday! Mine too, couldn't agree more on a great way to spend it!
0 #15 123star 2012-11-12 20:33
Quoting Ryan Hunt:

..., we are on the verge of moving to the outer glass temperature as a more consistent way of correlating to heat flow.

That's a big step forward, this way we address the objection raised in the article I cited a few posts ago (Cerron-Zeballo s, E., et al., Investigation of anomalous heat production in Ni-H systems)
0 #14 Andre Blum 2012-11-12 20:28
Good luck. Exciting day.
And happy birthday!!!
+1 #13 Ryan Hunt 2012-11-12 19:53
The 13 Watts was the input power. No excess heat, yet. The excess heat, so far, is calculated by the curve published a few posts back and is based on the T_Mica rise above ambient. The curve is fit to the 3 calibrations runs in H2/Ar 75%/25% mix we are currently running.
As I explain in the next blog post, we are on the verge of moving to the outer glass temperature as a more consistent way of correlating to heat flow.
0 #12 Rats 2012-11-12 19:45
So the power went up to 13W, does this imply excess energy?! Sorry, I can't contain my excitement! LOL!
0 #11 123star 2012-11-12 19:43
Of course I am referring to the fits of the *calibration* runs.
0 #10 123star 2012-11-12 19:41
Hi, I had a look at the spreadsheet, is there an official interpolation function and a set of fit parameters for any experiment Hloading/Celani /etc? I see there is a P_out in the spreadsheet but no explanation :sad:
0 #9 Charlie Smith 2012-11-12 19:29
Happy birthday,

So are we seeing excess heat now or is it too early to be conclusive? I need to pay more attention and look around for the data.

Exciting stuff!
0 #8 Andrea 2012-11-12 19:26
This is a new Apollo 11. I will remember like that night when I was 6 YO. Good job guys.
0 #7 Christian Jungers 2012-11-12 19:26
The updates and the possibilities are amazing. Thanks to everyone involved for pushing so hard for all of this!

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